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Cohort of Champions Training Initiative Proposals Sought

The city continues its investment in the growth and success of South St. Petersburg by seeking proposals from entities or individuals to create and implement the mayor's new the Cohort of Champions Training Initiative. Operating under the My Brother's and Sister's Keeper umbrella, the Initiative will include educational, entrepreneurial/workforce and enrichment/second chances training opportunities to prepare African American males for a successful future.

Qualified firms are invited to submit proposals for the Initiative and are invited to attend a pre-proposal conference Tuesday, August 30, at the Enoch Davis Center, 1111 18th Ave. S., at 5:30 p.m. Request for Proposals will close September 13 at 3 p.m.

Take the Pledge to Have a Safe Summer

St. Petersburg officials launched ‘Safe Summer Not My Son,’ a community engagement campaign to keep our children safe this summer. City leaders and community partners rallied for the safety and enrichment of each and every child and teen in the area – inviting everyone to take community involvement a step further. Canvassing events will be scheduled throughout city neighborhoods in July and August. To learn more about how you can join, visit

Sign Up Now, Adopt A Project for CareFest

Neighborhood and community-based groups, houses of worship, corporate teams, school clubs, teams, businesses and individuals are invited to participate in CareFest St. Pete 2016. For the annual city-wide work day, Saturday, September 24, volunteers are needed for various home repair projects, painting, mowing, weeding, yard work and cleanups throughout St. Petersburg neighborhoods. To learn more, visit and click on “Get Involved,” “Search for a Project,” then "St. Petersburg."

Share Your Thoughts on the FY 2017 City Budget

Following the FY 2017 City Budget Open House, citizens are encouraged to participate in the process by sharing thoughts and ideas with city leaders on the city's online meeting room, St. Pete Innovision at

In case you missed attending or wish to review the conversation, StPeteTV will rebroadcast the Budget Open House throughout the summer on Bright House Channel 641, WOW! Channel 15 and Verizon Fi0s Channel 20 before the budget is considered for adoption during two public hearings September 8 and 22.

For information on the city budget and to review FY 2017 city budget booklets, visit

How to Prevent Contact with Mosquitoes

Pinellas County Mosquito Control asks all citizens to do their part to reduce the mosquito population. Remember, mosquitoes only need ¼ to ½ inch of standing water for larvae to survive. Some simple suggestions to help reduce the places where mosquitoes can breed:

- Empty all outdoor items that can hold water – flower pots, garbage cans, recycling containers, wheelbarrows, aluminum cans, boat tarps, old tires, and buckets;
- Keep pools and spas chlorinated and filtered;
- Clean roof gutters, which can become clogged and hold water;
- Change the water in outdoor pet dishes regularly. 

When outdoors, protect your skin from mosquito bites:  
- Wear mosquito repellent (products containing DEET, picaridin or oil of lemon eucalyptus);  
- Wear long sleeves and pants.

By taking simple preventative measures, citizens can help reduce the number of mosquitoes in our county and minimize mosquito-borne diseases. And, to prevent contact with mosquitoes, REMEMBER these 3 D’s:  DRAIN standing water; DRESS in light colors and long sleeves; and DEFEND against contact. For more preventive measures and tips, mosquito myths and misconceptions, call (727) 464-7503 or visit

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From our Mayor

Rick Kriseman

"Welcome to St. Petersburg, where our vision is to be a city of opportunity where the sun shines on all who come to live, work, and play. With your help, our neighborhoods, businesses, every individual, will enjoy a new opportunity to be lifted into the light of our St. Petersburg sun." 
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