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Restart St. Pete

COVID-19 has taken an unprecedented toll on our residents, commerce, and activity in the City of St. Petersburg. While COVID-19 continues to pose a threat, early actions and social distancing have helped to mitigate the worst of this public health crisis locally.
Restart St. Pete is a resource that aims to provide residents, businesses and visitors the most recent and relevant information related to St. Pete’s restart.

Watering Restrictions & Fertilizer Ban

Due to drought conditions and increased demand for water, it’s important now more than ever to follow St. Pete’s year-round watering restrictions and eliminate wasteful and unnecessary water uses.

Customers with potable, private well and surface water sources may water twice weekly, between the hours of 5 to 9 a.m. and/or 7 to 11 p.m.

  • Addresses ending in an even number may irrigate on Tuesdays and Saturdays only.
  • Addresses ending in an odd number and locations with no address may irrigate on Wednesdays and Sundays only.

Customers with reclaimed water are encouraged to water no more than three times per week, between the hours of 5 to 9 a.m. or 7 to 11 p.m.

Unnecessary and wasteful uses of water are always prohibited. Examples include hosing down driveways and impervious surfaces, allowing water to flow unattended and using water inefficiently.

Additionally, customers are required to test irrigation systems for leaks and inefficiencies.

More stringent watering restrictions may be temporarily put into place if conditions worsen. Find St. Pete’s current local watering restrictions at

Every drop helps. Consider implementing water-saving practices. Find ideas, resources and rebate programs at

Each year, the citywide fertilizer ban is in effect June 1-Sept. 30. 

Increased rainfall in the summer months can cause nutrients from fertilizer to reach water bodies and lead to environmental issues. The yearly fertilizer ban is a way to mitigate negative impacts.
Here are some eco-friendly tips:
  • Treat your lawn with a slow-release fertilizer in the spring or fertilizer-free micronutrients in the summer to keep your lawn happy all summer.
  • Pick up any debris or vegetation near storm drains year-round to keep it from entering our waterways.
  • Follow a no-mow zone six feet from any water body, helping to establish a protective barrier.
More information at

Fighting Chance Fund Applications Available

Applications for the City's new Fighting Chance Fund are available online. To apply, visit the Fighting Chance Fund webpage.

To provide relief to small businesses impacted by local COVID-19 orders, the City of St. Petersburg has committed $6.8 million to the Fighting Chance Fund - emergency grant for St. Pete’s negatively impacted locally owned and independently operated small businesses.

See full eligibiliy on the Fighting Chance Fund webpage.

To help as many eligible businesses and employees as possible, the City has partnered with Pinellas Community Foundation to collect donations from community organizations. Interested in donating to support the Fighting Chance Fund? Visit the Fighting Chance Fund webpage.

Youth Development Grant Process + Deadline Updates

The deadline to apply for Youth Development Grants has been extended to June 2. 

Per recent COVID-19 orders, all public meetings are postponed until further notice - including the mandatory information session for Youth Development Grant applicants. The City team and Youth Development Grant Review Committee are working to update the current application process be in compliance with the current orders in a way that continues to encourage and empower creative and innovative applicants to apply. 

Stay tuned for announcements regarding Youth Development Grant process updates by visiting

Virtual Council Meetings

City Council meetings are now virtual, but you can still watch one of three ways: 
Find more information and the weekly meeting schedule at

This week in St. Pete


Following the @CDCgov’s guidance, the City of St. Petersburg will be closing ALL recreation and community centers, pools and libraries.⁣⁣

Updated list of Leisure Services facility closures and program suspensions found here👉

Local #biz – Business Damage Assessment survey will evaluate businesses affected by COVID-19 + the impacts the virus has had on the local economy. This will help to begin the process of implementing economic relief programs for businesses. Take the survey👉

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