January 14, 2010

3:00 PM



A.          Meeting Called to Order and Roll Call.

Invocation and Pledge to the Flag of the United States of America.

B.          Approval of Agenda with Additions and Deletions.

C.          Awards and Presentations

1.         Resolution of Bereavement to the family of former Mayor Charles E. Schuh.



2.         Presentation recognizing the United States Coast Guard Sector, St. Petersburg, Florida.



D.          Reports

1.         Pinellas Planning Council Update. (Councilmember Kennedy) (Oral)



E.          Legal

1.         An Attorney-Client Session, pursuant to Florida Statute 286.011(8), Anthony Catron, et al vs. City of St. Petersburg, Case No. 8:09CV923-T-17EAJ.



F.           Adjournment



On Thursday, January 14, 2010 at 3:30 p.m., an attorney-client session, pursuant to Florida Statute 286.011(8), will be held in conjunction with the lawsuit styled Anthony Catron, et al vs. City of St. Petersburg Case No. 8:09CV923-T-17EAJ. Any or all of the following persons will be attending: Leslie Curran, Chair; Herbert E. Polson, Vice Chair; James Kennedy; Bill Dudley; Steve Kornell; Karl Nurse; Wengay "Newt" Newton; Jeff Danner; Mayor Bill Foster; John C. Wolfe, City Attorney; Mark A. Winn, Chief Assistant City Attorney; Joseph Patner, Assistant City Attorney and Jane Wallace, Assistant City Attorney. The session will commence in City Council Chambers, 175 Fifth Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida. After the commencement of the session at the public meeting, the session will be closed and only those persons described above together with a certified court reporter will be allowed to be present. The subject matter of the meeting shall be confined to settlement negotiations. At the conclusion of the session the meeting will be re-opened and the session will be terminated.