August 12, 2010

3:00 PM

A.          Meeting Called to Order and Roll Call.

Invocation and Pledge to the Flag of the United States of America.

B.          Approval of Agenda with Additions and Deletions.

C.          Awards and Presentations

1.         Presentation recognizing the Urban League Community Choir.



2.         Proclamation recognizing Children's Miracle Network Day.



3.         Presentation and recognition of Summer Workplace Readiness Program Students.



4.         Presentation of the first Neighborhood Stabilization Program homebuyer, Ms. Vonetta Bowen.



D.          Correspondence


NOTE: Only the person who has written the letter, or an authorized representative, will be permitted to speak in connection with an item of correspondence. The person speaking will be given three minutes ONLY to state the request. In some instances and at the discretion of City Council, more than three minutes speaking time will be granted.

1.         Ms. Marilyn Olson, President of the Downtown Neighborhood Association, requesting to appear before City Council to present the Downtown Neighborhood Association's Comprehensive Waterfront Vision.



E.          Legal

1.         Approval of Final Settlement Between Total Containment, Inc. (TCI) and its successor companies, the Canam Group, Inc., the Canam Steel Corporation and Finloc, Inc. in the case of City of St. Petersburg, et al. vs. Total Containment, Inc., et al.



2.         An ordinance designating the community playground at the northeast intersection of 64th Street South and 5th Avenue South as a Non-Charter Park and naming such community playground the "Royal 'Roy' Eden, Jr. Community Playground;" and amending Section 21-90 of Chapter 21, City Code.



F.           Council Committee Reports

1.         Committee of the Whole. (8/5/10)




G. Adjournment