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July 18, 2013

3:00 PM


A.       Meeting Called to Order and Roll Call.

B.       Approval of Agenda with Additions and Deletions.

C.       Awards and Presentations

1.      Proclamation recognizing July as Park and Recreation Month.

2.      Presentation of the Gopher Tortoise Council's Upland Conservation Award to the City of St. Petersburg in recognition of wise stewardship of the Gopher Tortoise and Upland Habitats at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve.

3.      Presentation recognizing the North Florida Professional Golfers Association (PGA) Hall of Fame Inductee.

4.      Presentation recognizing Trayvon Bromell, a recent Gibbs High School Graduate named Boys Athlete of the Year by the Tampa Bay Times.

5.      Making the Grade Presentation to Evie Sobezak, a Senior at Shorecrest Preparatory School.

6.      Presentation of Sunshine Ambassador Award to Gretta Paige Bellas, President and Cynthia Gramberg, Immediate Past President on behalf of the St. Petersburg - Pinellas Chapter of Business and Professional Women.

7.      Proclamation recognizing July 25, 2013 as Guess What? Teens Care! Day.

D.       Correspondence


NOTE:  Only the person who has written the letter, or an authorized representative, will be permitted to speak in connection with an item of correspondence.  The person speaking will be given three minutes ONLY to state the request.  In some instances and at the discretion of City Council, more than three minutes speaking time will be granted.

E.       Legal

F.       Adjournment