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Citizen Diplomat and Host Family

Residents of St. Petersburg are invited to become acquainted with the global community by becoming a citizen diplomat. The program's mission is to promote the international flavor of our city by facilitating the introduction of international visitors who travel here on business.

Interested in Becoming a Diplomat?

Citizen diplomacy provides an opportunity for Americans of all backgrounds to meet people from around the world and promote mutual understanding and respect while helping visitors learn more about America. Citizen diplomats are a loose-knit group of volunteers from St. Petersburg. They may engage in such person-to-person activities as student and professional exchanges, being hosts for or entertaining of visitors, partnerships involving businesses, and outreach to the international communities in our own city and country.

Steps to Diplomacy

Anyone with an interest may join the pool of volunteers by completing the Citizen Diplomat form. There is no obligation. A volunteer may be called upon when the need arises, but participation is voluntary, depending upon individual availability at the time.

Some of the opportunities may include:

  • Hosting a dinner
  • Attending functions to honor and entertain international guests of the city
  • Inviting visitors to join family or neighborhood events such as picnics, holiday celebrations, etc.
  • Serving as a host home for overnight foreign guests
  • Serve as an informal guide to St. Petersburg

Become A Host Family

The city of St. Petersburg hosts students yearly from Takamatsu, Japan, as part of its annual Sister City Student Ambassador exchange program.

This is an opportunity for participation in the Sister Cities program that has been active and vital for years between the cities of St. Petersburg and Takamatsu.

Interested in hosting a student in your home?  Submit a Homestay Family Application  to the Office of Cultural Affairs. 

This is a very special chance for you and your family to share a part of the American lifestyle with someone from another country. Previous homestay families report that the benefits of participating in this program include lifelong friendships, family learning experiences and the opportunity to learn about a different culture. This exciting experience will be one that you and your family will cherish for a lifetime.

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