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Business Corridor Program

Business Corridor Program staff liaise with businesses and business associations on the major business corridors and the various city departments for business start up, retention and expansion. Intrinsic to this program is our partnership with Eckerd College/Progress Energy on the internship program. Eckerd interns work alongside city staff and business owners getting “real world” experience. This program is available to businesses city-wide.

The program is built on three basic principles:

  • The Broken Window Theory i.e. The simple things matter.
  • Keep it Simple and Clean.
  • Overcoming the E-Myth i.e., We are good at what we do but not necessarily well at the business side of the equation.

Business Corridor Coordinators roles include, but are not limited to:

  • Establishing relationships with businesses
  • Serve as Project Manager with Eckerd Interns
  • Select projects for Eckerd Intern Programs
  • Providing the Background
  • Liaison to access resources (City and otherwise)
  • Coordinates activities for businesses
  • Ensures timely mobility and completion of project with Eckerd Interns
  • Attends City Team meetings
  • Ensures familiarity with Business and Neighborhood Association activities

The Eckerd interns work on project research and implementation.

Service Providers: SCORE, USFSBDC - provide business counseling, business assessments and mentoring.

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