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Rays Parking and Shuttles

There is more than enough parking at Tropicana Field for fans attending regular season games, with 7,000 spaces costing $15-$30 per vehicle. Rays parking lots are marked with official Rays signage and parking attendants wearing bright yellow shirts featuring the Rays logo and name badges.

2016 Parking Lot Update - Due to downtown growth, fans attending events at Tropicana Field in 2016 are encouraged to ensure they are parking in licensed, privately-owned and operated surface lots. Licensed, privately-owned lots are marked with signage featuring a capital "P," lot number and city ordinance number. The Temporary Parking map below shows current renewed lots in yellow and lots which have not been renewed in red. Please do not park in lots which have not renewed their status with the city and appear on the map in red to avoid receiving a parking citation or being towed.

Choose from over 70 licensed surface parking lots surrounding Tropicana Field and available for parking during home games. These privately-owned and operated lots have applied with the city for a permit to operate as a paid parking lot during Rays games and are clearly marked with signage featuring a capital “P,” lot number and city ordinance number. These signs indicate the lots have met the conditions necessary to legally park cars around Tropicana Field. They are the only licensed parking areas for event attendees parking outside of Tropicana Field, but still within the half-mile radius. 

When parking on private property, be careful. Only park in legally permitted special event parking lots or you may be ticketed or towed. Licensed lots must provide fans with a parking space on their private property. Legitimate parking attendants should be in uniform and will provide a receipt/ticket upon payment. If the lot or attendant/cashier does not look legitimate or cannot provide a receipt, fans are advised to find an alternate parking location.

Do not park in lots that are signed as "Tow Away Zones," or in spaces that obstruct the normal flow of traffic, including sidewalks, right-of-ways, driveways, etc., or in front of fire hydrants. Vehicles found in violation of these areas may be towed or ticketed. Beware of self-parking or paying to park in improper spaces, such as on a sidewalk or other unmarked right-of-way.

Board the FREE baseball shuttle! The shuttle will be activated for each home game. Fans may take advantage of approximately 25,000 parking spaces in the downtown area, including the garage at the Shuttle pick-up stop at Central Avenue and Second Street and ride the FREE baseball Shuttle to Tropicana Field. Details are at  Fans parking downtown are invited to patronize St. Petersburg's variety of shops and restaurants in the downtown retail district before heading off to the game.

If you park on a city street, observe the posted parking restrictions, including timed zones. Also, only park in legal spaces. Don't block fire hydrants or driveways, or park too close to an intersection.

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