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Sanitation Rates

The standard sanitation charge for most residential customers is $22.33. Multi-family and commercial property rates are based on the level of service. To determine the level of service required, please call Sanitation at 893-7351.

Like wastewater, no adequate means exist to measure the amount of solid waste collected from your home. To handle the demand, and for public health and safety, most residential customers require twice a week pick-up. Some customers may qualify for once-a-week service. Applications are available from the Utility Accounts Division office.

Standby service is available to customers who plan to be away for at least two months. While on this service plan, sanitation charges are reduced during the months that no water is registered on the water meter. There is a small fee for activating standby status.

The city of St. Petersburg Sanitation Department is aware of the benefits of recycling and its impact on the environment. To help you recycle, they have conveniently-located recyclamats and brush sites to collect and recycle newspapers, aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles, cardboard, and yard clippings. 

Contact the Sanitation Department for the following:

Billing Questions 893-7398

Residential and Commercial Collection; Missed Collections, Residential Recycling; Container Repair   893-7838

Report Graffiti  893-7394

Furniture/Appliance Pick Up/Special Collections; Recycling Drop-Off; Rodent Control; Free Mulch      893-7398

Email us at


Effective October 1, 2008


Twice-a-week Service:

Single Family Residence - $ 22.33

  • Each additional (90 gal.) automated container - $12.31*

Multiple Family Residence-per unit - $22.33

Residential Recycling - $2.95 per month*
*Participation in residential recycling is voluntary; however, to avoid service disconnection and account delinquency, this fee must be paid whether or not participation occurs.

Business or Institution

  • One automated (90 gal.) automated container - $22.33
  • Each additional. (90 gal.) automated container - $12.31*

Once-a-week service:

Available subject to City approval provided the customer meets all the following criteria:

  • single-family residence with a one- or two-person household
  • a lot size of 8,500 sq. feet or less
  • a water usage of 5,000 gallons or less per month - $17.69


Single Family Residence

  • One automated (90 gal.) container or 2 cans, manual system - $53.27
  • Each additional can or container - $26.10

Multiple Family Residence - per unit - $53.27

Business or Institution

  • One automated (90 gal.) container or 2 cans, manual system - $53.27
  • Each additional can or container - $26.10

STANDBY FEE - $11.48


Rates for bulk containers vary depending on level and category of service. Call 893-7351 for specific rates.

*6-month minimum plus a $10.63 one-time placement fee.

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