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Development Review Commission
Community Planning and Preservation Commission

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Historic and Archaeological Preservation Ordinance
Land Development Regulations (LDRs)

Historic and Archaeological Preservation


In January 2010, the city's Public Service and Infrastructure Committee received a presentation from staff concerning the issue of local landmark designation without owner consent. Members decided that a comprehensive review of the Historic and Archaeological Preservation Overlay section of the Land Development Regulations (LDRs) was necessary. To accomplish this task, the Community Preservation Commission (CPC), now known as the Community Planning and Preservation Commission (CPPC), formed a Committee on Historic Preservation to solicit input from stakeholders and interested parties. The stated objective was to enhance activities of the Commission and clarify the processes and procedures related to historic and archeological preservation.

At the CPC workshop on April 14, 2010,  members voted to establish the Historic Preservation Committee. At the first meeting of the Committee on May 18, 2010, the Committee agreed to form five subcommittees to meet individually to focus on the various issues. The subcommittees’ recommendations made up the final recommendation of the Historic Preservation Committee.


Land Development Regulations


Chapter 16 of the City Code is formally known as the Land Development Regulations (LDRs), which include zoning regulations and site planning and design standards. The LDRs in their current form became effective on September 10, 2007 and have since been modified periodically to stay current with evolving community preferences and to resolve minor inconsistencies, improve clarity of understanding and respond to changes in local, state and federal law. 

Ideas and requests for improvements to the LDRs are submitted from a variety of sources, including the general public, city council, administration and staff. Improvements are generally processed bi-annually, twice per year.

To submit your code improvement suggestion(s), email: Derek S. Kilborn, City Planner, 

LDR Code Amendment Schedule

The LDR Code Amendment Schedule is a tentative schedule for the processing of city-initiated applications to amend the text of the city's Land Development Regulations (LDRs). Please be advised, the schedule is tentative and subject to change depending on circumstances. Private-initiated applications may be filed and processed at any time. Please contact Derek Kilborn, Manager, Urban Planning and Historic Preservation at (727) 893-7872 for more information.

LDR Code Improvements - Adopted


 Ordinance 141-H Community Gardens Amendment
 Ordinance 123-H:       LDR Code Amendment Package No. 6
 Ordinance 116-H: Mobile Food Trucks
 Ordinance 117-H: Signs (Dwell Time)


 Ordinance 100-H:  Commission Consolidation
 Ordinance 98-H:  Flood Management
 Ordinance 83-H:  Density and Design CCT-1 and CRT-1
 Ordinance 81-H:         LDR Code Amendment Package No. 5    


 Ordinance 52-H:  Signs
 Ordinance 50-H:  Building Separation, Downtown Center
 Ordinance 35-H:  Digital Billboards
 Ordinance 21-H:  Docks
 Ordinance 25-H:      Downtown Waterfront Master Plan


 Ordinance 1029-G:  LDR Code Amendment Package No. 4 
 Ordinance 1012-G:  City Attorney Codification Update
 Ordinance 3-H:  Signage for BlueWays
 Ordinance 13-H:  Beekeeping


 Ordinance 971-G:  Temporary Parking Lots
 Ordinance 985-G:  LDR Code Amendment Package No. 3
 Ordinance 1007-G:  Artist Enclave Overlay District


 Ordinance 933-G:  Community Gardens
 Ordinance 934-G:  Drought Tolerant Turf
 Ordinance 935-G:  Office, General within DC-P
 Ordinance 936-G:  Maximum Height Map within DC
 Ordinance 937-G:  Maximum Height Map within DC       
 Ordinance 957-G:  Pushcarts
 Ordinance 959-G:  Historic Preservation TDRs


 Ordinance 876-G:      LDR .Amend. Package No. 1
 Ordinance 882-G:  Tree Removal Permits
 Ordinance 892-G:  LDR Amend. Package No. 2 (Procedures)
 Ordinance 893-G:  LDR Amend. Package No. 2 (All Others)
 Ordinance 900-G:  Temporary Uses


 Ordinance 777-G:  Adoption of LDRs
 Ordinance 819-G:  Adoption of LDRs (DC Districts)         
 Ordinance 820-G:  Adoption of LDRs (Procedures)
 Ordinance 821-G:  Adoption of LDRs (All Other)

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