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Warehouse Arts District

The Warehouse Arts District brings together a widely diverse group of artists, entrepreneurs, manufacturers and other creative minds to develop, promote and enhance critical components of this special part of St. Petersburg, Where Art is Made. The District is bounded by 1st Ave. N. and 10th Ave. S. between 16th St. and 31st St. Much of this area was industrial, populated with warehouses and small manufacturing companies. For decades, the Seaboard Railroad Station (now the Morean Center for Clay) was an important link between those businesses and their clients. However, in recent times many of the buildings sat empty and the area began decaying and falling into decline. Artists, always seeking studio space, saw potential in the area due to the large warehouses and proximity to other districts and areas in the city. Now, more than 200 artists and studios have found a home in the Warehouse Arts District.

Warehouse Arts District and Deuces Live Joint Action Plan

Project Overview
The City of St. Petersburg is working with local businesses and residents to develop an Action Plan for enhancements to the 22nd Street Deuces Live Corridor and the Warehouse Arts District. A segment of the historic 22nd Street South corridor is a certified Florida Main Street that strives to revitalize, while preserving the cultural heritage of The Deuces. The Warehouse Arts District brings together a widely diverse group of artists, entrepreneurs, manufacturers and other creative minds to develop, promote, and enhance critical components of the industrial area of St. Petersburg, which runs from 1st Avenue North to 10th Avenue South and 16th Street to 31st Street.  Together, this emerging area represents one of the most culturally vibrant, historically significant urban areas in the entire state of Florida. 

The goal of the project is to develop a joint framework plan with recommendations that will lead to immediate, near term and long term action.  The Joint Plan seeks to discover the needs and strategic objectives of both the Deuces Live and the Warehouse Arts District organizations, creating an umbrella for both, while preserving and enhancing the unique identity of each. Recommendations may include physical enhancements such as streetscape, open space and infrastructure needs; branding and wayfinding; private property enhancement opportunities as well as programs for events, investment and celebration of this diverse urban place.  Planned improvements will designed collaboratively with local businesses, artists and residents, striving to celebrate the local business, industrial and artistic activities to the benefit to the greater St. Petersburg arts, history, and cultural community.

The City of St. Petersburg, in coordination with both Deuces Live and the Warehouse Arts District Association, will have a series of public involvement events to seek public input into the planning process. The meetings will be interactive and designed to introduce the project, gather community observations, identify opportunities, define objective, and begin to develop a community sensitive design. 

Project Timeline
The project is divided into two phases, taking place over a five month period, starting on November 2016 and ending on March 2017.  The phases are, and timeline is, the following:  
  1. Discovery:  Listening and Learning / Identification of Issues and Opportunities / Identification of Character and Goals (November – December 2016)
  2. Design Studio Workshop: What Have We Learned? / Preliminary Ideas (January – March 2017)

How to get involved: 
On-Site Design Studio Workshops
The On-Site Design Studio Workshops will be conducted in four consecutive days at a location within the study area. The purpose of the workshops will be to foster a highly collaborative approach to initial concept design exploration. Topics will include brand characteristics, gateways and signage graphics, streets and public realm, and other Community Themes and Guiding Ideas identified during the Discovery phase.

On-Site Design Studio Workshop Day 1
Please join the team as we summarize outline goals for the workshop series, present findings to date, conduct an interactive exercise, and give design “assignments” to team and participants.
January 30, 2017
Location TBD
Hours: 6pm – 8pm

On-Site Design Studio Workshop Day 2
Please join the design team to assist in the development of the Community-Based Design Ideas in terms of streetscape materials, design opportunities, and graphics and gateways.
January 31, 2017
Location: TBD
Hours TBD

On-Site Design Studio Workshop Day 3
Please join the team as we review big ideas, validate, and prepare for Conceptual Design. At the end of the day, there will be a pin-up session for the Joint Planning and Steering Committees to review our progress and direction.
February 1, 2017
Location: TBD
Hours: TBD

On-Site Design Studio Workshop Day 4
On Day 4 our team will present initial Findings, Guiding Principles and preliminary conceptual ideas including some ‘low hanging fruit’ that could perhaps be fast tracked for immediate improvement. 
February 2, 2017
Location: TBD
Hours: 6pm-8pm

Current Projects & Events

  • The ArtsXchange – Development is underway of 50,000 square feet of studio and gallery space spanning an enclave of six warehouse properties on 22nd Ave. S.   
  • Second Saturday Art Walk – this popular monthly “open house” event at St. Petersburg galleries has now expanded to the Warehouse Arts District with connecting trolley service on the second Saturday evening of each month.
  • Art on the Trail – The Pinellas Trail, an off-road cycling and pedestrian trail that runs along the north/south length of Pinellas County passes through the Warehouse Arts District. The local association is working with city and county to install art on the trail throughout the district.

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