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Research and Resources

Repetitive Loss Area Analysis:

Riviera Bay RLAA - 2017

Shore Acres RLAA - 2017

Riviera Bay RLAA - 2016

Shore Acres RLAA - 2016

Program for Public Information

NFIP-CRS PPI 2017 Report 

NFIP-CRS PPI 2016 Report 

Business Specific Flood Information:

Protect Your Business from Disaster

Build with Flood Damage Resistant Materials

Non-Residential Flood Proofing - Commercial Coverage

General Flood Information:

NFIP Community Rating System Program

Pinellas County Flood Information

Floodplain Management for the city of St. Petersburg

Floodplain Ordinance for the city of St. Petersburg
*disclosure: see following flood elevation administrative amendments

*Administrative amendments to the 2013 Floodplain Ordinance

Elevation Certificates for St. Petersburg

The National Flood Insurance Program

Coastal Construction Manual

FEMA Map Service Center

Hurricane Information

Public Agencies

 Department of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Management Program
National Flood Insurance Program
National Weather Service

General Documents

General Flood Hazard Information, includes:
Flood Stages, Flood Warning System, Flood Safety, Floodplain Development Permit Requirements, Substantial Improvement Requirements, Drainage System, Natural and Beneficial Functions, Site Visits, Sand Bags
 Above the Flood: Elevating Your Floodprone House 
 <rz:linkid="doc-autoselect-1" class="external" title="PDF Document" target="_blank" file="/emergency/flooding/docs/Annual_Flood_Hazard_Brochure.pdf" linktype="file" data-tip="PDF Document">Annual (City) Flood Hazard Brochure 
 Answers to Questions about the NFIP  
 Coastal Construction Manual 
 Elevated Residential Structures 

 Mandatory Purchase of Flood Insurance Guidelines 

 Mitigation of Flood Erosion Damage to Residential Buildings in Coastal High Hazard Areas

 NFIP-CRS PPI 2016 Report

 Pinellas County Local Mitigation Strategy 

 Protecting Building Utilities from Flood Damage 

 Protecting Floodplain Resources 

 Protecting Manufactured Homes from Floods and Other 

 Protecting Your House from Localized Flooding

 Tropical Cyclone Flooding: A Deadly Inland Danger 


Floodplain Management Development Standards - Education, Tools & Resources
How to look up an elevation certificate?
Storm Survival Guide
Flood Commercial Counts by City and High Risk Zone Value  Totals
Flood Zone Parcels High Risk Zones Pre Firm St Petersburg


Joint Hazard Mitigation Grant & Flood Mitigation Assistance
Substantial Review Improvement Application

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