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Introducing: St. Petersburg's Composting Program

St. Petersburg, FL (July 15, 2019) - The City of St. Petersburg has launched its first residential composting program. Residents in single-family homes are invited to sign up for the free program and minimize their environmental impact by turning kitchen and yard waste into usable, nutrient-rich fertilizer.

Sustainability and resiliency are major focuses of the City of St. Petersburg, and this program further contributes to the City’s goals.

“We are extremely excited to introduce the residential composting program and enable our eco-friendly residents to do their part in minimizing waste in St. Petersburg,” said Sanitation Director Willie Joseph.

Participants in the composting program will receive a composting bin from the City to use in their backyard. There will be no collection service, but the resident will reap the benefits of the resulting nutrient-rich compost by spreading it on their lawn or garden.

More information and the composting bin request form can be found at Questions can be directed to

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