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City of St. Petersburg Implementing Additional Recommendations from 2016 Parking Study

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 City of St. Petersburg Implementing Additional Recommendations from 2016 Parking Study

ST. PETERSBURG, FL (May 26, 2017)

After the publication of a comprehensive downtown and EDGE district parking study in May of 2016 the City has been implementing recommendations in order to more effectively manage and expand public parking within these areas.  Beginning Jun 1st additional measures will be taken to enhance public parking as follows:

First Hour Free Program: To encourage patrons to park in under-utilized garages, during business hours the first hour of parking will be free in the Municipal Services Center, Sundial, and South Core parking garages.  During non-event times the normal nights, weekends, and holidays rate will continue in the Sundial Garage offering four hours of parking for $1.  Utilization will be monitored to ensure that the first hour free program does not cause garage closures on a regular basis, which is not expected.

Parking Meters:  Currently meters on Central Avenue are in effect Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm.  In order to create additional turnover and availability on evenings and weekends, meters will be active until 8pm seven days per week.  Meters on Beach Drive, the most heavily utilized and congested parking, will have hours extended from 8pm to 10pm except Sundays will remain 8pm.   Additionally, meter rates will increase from $1 an hour to $1.50 an hour to better reflect market demand, increase turnover and encourage the use of off-street or other remote parking.

Residential Parking Exemption:  Residential parking permits (RPP) allow downtown residents and their guests the ability to park on-street in certain designated spaces in excess of the time limit and without having to pay meters.  In order to better balance the needs of all drivers and to reflect changes in downtown development patterns, RPP exemptions will be removed in areas where it is along retail corridors, including but not limited to, Central Avenue in the EDGE district.  This change will better utilize on-street spaces in that multiple users will receive the benefit of each convenient parking space every day rather than one vehicle occupying high-value on-street spaces for up to several days in a row without moving. 

These initiatives, coupled with other ongoing management techniques, are intended to better balance the utilization of on and off-street parking assets.  The City also has an adopted plan for $6mil to be spent in the future on new public parking in the EDGE district and the parking study recommends additional public parking to be built through strategic public-private partnerships in the downtown core.

To view the entire parking study and related materials, please visit:

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