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Blockage cleared from sanitary sewer line

St. Petersburg, Fla.  (July 30, 2017) -- Just before 5 pm Sunday July 30, City of St. Petersburg Water Resources crews responded to a report of a blockage in a sewer line in the 1200 block of 33rd St. South.  A large amount of containers, leaves and bottles had created a blockage in the sewer line that caused a spill of an estimated 700 gallons of sewage.

The blockage was cleared with a Vactor truck and the line was restored to a normal flow.  Crews were able to vacuum up a small amount of the spill, but the majority of what spilled out through the manhole was conveyed to a nearby drainage ditch.  Described in an internal report as having “no signs of the usual raw sewerage (sic), water was clear,” crews nonetheless used disinfectant on what was conveyed into the storm ditch.

After further investigation by crews on the scene during the heavy rains of Tropical Storm Emily on Monday, July 31, it was discovered that an old sewer lateral was mistakenly connected to the drainage system from a parking lot at Gibbs High School.  That cross-connection was capped and the sanitarty sewer system was restored to a free-flowing and intact line with no further introduction of inflow.  Water Resources personnel will continue to monitor the situation moving forward.

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