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Grease clog causes sewage overflow near Clam Bayou

St. Petersburg, Fla (August 4, 2017) -- City of St. Petersburg crews responded to an alleyway behind the 2500 block of Kingston St. S. following the discovery of sewage leaking from a service clean-out pipe just before 8 pm Thursday, August 3. 

Over the next 9 hours crews struggled to dislodge a grease clog in the line that had caused the sewage to back up.  During this time, approximately 20,000 gallons of raw sewage overflowed the line.  Crews were able to divert, capture and vacuum over 90% of the wastewater that escaped.  However about 1,500 gallons was conveyed to a nearby ditch line which flows into Clam Bayou.

“This is a good reminder,” said John Palenchar, Interim Director of St. Petersburg Water Resources.  “Grease -- and what some call ‘flushable wipes’ – are the most insidious enemies of a sanitary sewer system.  They contribute to numerous clogs and overflows throughout the country.”

Reminding residents that their actions can ultimately affect the city’s system like this, Palenchar went on to say, “we are taking the opportunity to partner with folks in the neighborhood near this overflow by distributing educational materials about what should – and should NOT – go into the sanitary sewer system.”

Additional cleaning on the main line will be performed through the day on Friday, and biological testing of waters will continue through the weekend to monitor the impacts to the nearby waterways.   

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