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In Place Pipe-lining for Disston Heights

St. Petersburg, Fla. (August 22, 2017) -- Help is on the way for aging and at-risk sewer piping in neighborhoods all over the city.  Residents of Disston Heights are seeing that work ongoing right now!

Numerous technological advances have led to a highly efficient and cost effective way of rehabilitating aging pipes called Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP).

This new technology is rapidly growing in popularity as it saves time and money while eliminating seams, cracks, and breaks that cause leaks and backups in aging pipes. Water entering through such breaches can significantly tax treatment facilities, especially during storm events. These repairs -- going on now along 52nd Street North -- will significantly reduce this infiltration and eliminate leakage from the system.

CIPP Diston Heights

Over time tree and plant roots find the sewer system an attractive source of water and nutrients. Entering through pipe defects, roots create blockages and overflows.  CIPP contains the sewer flow within the pipe while keeping external water and roots out. This system of pipe repair has proven to help decrease the strain on sewer capacity

The CIPP process starts with one small access point where a new initially flexible PVC infused Liner that is saturated to 100% with resin epoxy and blown into the old pipe using a special machine. Once the liner is in place, a bladder is then inserted the entire length of the pipe and pressurized forcing the liner against the interior of the old pipe. When the resin has cured, usually in just a few hours, the liner solidifies leaving a smooth and seamless "pipe within a pipe" that will effectively seal off all cracks, breaks, and leaks. Using a sewer camera and running through the new line reveals how well the new liner has formed a perfectly symmetrical and cylindrical pipe that is now air and water tight.

Lining the sewer pipe should take one day to complete. Repair crews typically work from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
While the pipe is being lined, all sewer connections will be temporarily out of service.  Limiting sewer usage during this time helps prevent sewage backup and damage to new liner.  If you receive a notice from the contractor about limiting your sewer usage during the ten-hour work period:

  • Do not take showers or baths
  • Do not wash clothes or dishes
  • Turn off any sump pumps connected to the sewer service
  • Limit using toilets and sinks
For additional Information, contact:
Bill Logan
St. Petersburg Public Works Communications Manager
(727) 893-7250

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