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Water Quality Testing Changes

St. Petersburg, Fla.  (August 24, 2017)  --   Starting this week, the City of St. Petersburg will take over sampling, testing and posting results for water quality surveys under the “Healthy Beaches” protocols for the Municipal Beach of Treasure Island, 11260 Gulf Blvd. -- which is owned by the City.  Up until now, waters there were sampled by the Florida Department of Health in Pinellas County.  Upcoming budget cuts to the EPA and the State have necessitated a reduction of monitoring by the Florida Department of Health in Pinellas County. 

The results of these sampling events will be posted on the city Recreational Water Quality interactive map

Residents will also be able to see (in a separate layer on the interactive map) the latest tests results of water samples taken from secondary and tertiary contact locations in the city.  These sites will be sampled on a less frequent basis (monthly or every six-weeks) and test results will be posted as they become available. Areas like Smack’s Bayou and Coffee Pot Bayou along with Crisp Park will be included in this survey.

Listed below are the results and Water Quality Category according to the Healthy Beaches Program for the Beaches, Lassing Park as well as several Recreational and Background Monitoring Sites from the August 23rd  sampling event.

Lassing Park                                      4  U       Good

Maximo Beach                                 16 B       Good

Northshore Beach                             4  U      Good

The results for the recreational sites are as follows:

Bay Vista Park                                     8  B      Good                               

Fossil Park Lake                               76   B     Poor

Grandview Park                                  8  B      Good

Jungle Prada                                        4 U      Good

Salt Creek                                         840 B      Poor

Weedon Island                                    4 U     Good

“We’re happy to have the opportunity to further investigate water quality at areas where our residents interact with this important natural resource,” said John Palenchar, Interim Director of Water Resources for the city.  While the results of enterococci testing will not be listed on the same scale as the healthy beaches, boaters, kayakers and stand-up-paddleboarders will have more information to gauge how they wish to interact with waterways in and around St. Petersburg.

With 240 miles of “coastline” in the city, monitoring every location is not feasible.  But doing these more widespread and representative samples will help keep Water Resources personnel appraised on overall water quality issues in the city, even as residents get more detailed data on the interactive map.

“We’re investigating even better ways to do this moving forward,” said Palenchar.  “Maintaining water quality – and keeping our residents updated on its status – is important.”

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