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Reclaimed water leak investigated at Northeast Water Reclamation Facility

St. Petersburg, Fla. (January 8, 2018) – An on-going leak of fully-treated reclaimed water is currently being investigated at the Northeast Water Reclamation Facility (NEWRF) at 1160 62nd Avenue NE.

The unauthorized discharge – which has been fully contained on-site at the NEWRF property with the vacuumed water being recirculated through the plant – was discovered around 8:30 pm Saturday (1/6/2018).  At present, the estimated volume of the leak is approximately 30 gallons per minute.  Workers are continuing to search for the exact point of the leak so that repairs can be made. 

There is no evidence of any of the discharge leaving the property at NEWRF nor has any of the water conveyed to nearby waterways.

UPDATE 1/10/2018:  Further investigation revealed an 8” reclaimed water line under filter building which had a leak of approximately 5 gallons per minute percolating through soil. Vactor Truck and sump pumps were able to vacuum/pump 15,000 gallons of reclaimed and ground water to the head of the plant for retreatment.  Approx. 3,600 gallons soaked into ground and 400 gallons went into storm drain then into an on-site stormwater pond.

As previously stated, none of the reclaimed quality water escaped the NEWRF or conveyed to any area waterways.

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