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Grease clog causes manhole overflow near St. Joe's Creek

St Petersburg, Fla. (April 1, 2018) -- City of St. Petersburg crews responded to the 3600 block of 66th Way North Saturday following a report of water seeping from a manhole.   Investigating the situation at 3655 66th Way North shortly after 2 pm on March 31, 2018, workers detected what appeared to be a grease clog in the sewer line, which they then cleared with a Vactor truck over the next two and a half hours.

During this time, approximately fifty five (55) gallons of sewage overflowed the line into a storm drain which eventually conveys to St. Joe’s Creek some 300 feet away.  Crews were able to divert, capture and vacuum another five (5) gallons.  The entire area was disinfected and washed down.  Proper notification has been made to regulatory agencies.

This serves as a good reminder that Fats, Grease, and Oils (FOG) is the enemy of our sanitary sewer system.  Pouring hot grease down a drain can cause clogs and fatburgs to form. 

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