Frequently Asked Questions

Here are FAQs about Grand Prix Race Weekend

Where do I enter Grand Prix?

Entry gates are located at 1st Street and 1st Ave. South (Gate #1), and 2nd street and 5th Ave. South (Gate #5). View parking map

Where can I get a Fan Guide?

Fan Guide's are available for free and distributed at each Information Service Booth. View the track map and look for the information services icon.

Can I re-enter Grand Prix?

Re-entry is only permitted with both a hand and ticket stamp from gate entry staff. Ask the entry staff to stamp you before leaving.

Where are the ATM's located?

ATM's are located at the Bright House Speed Zone, Bayfront parking garage, Bayshore drive, Albert Whitted Park and the terminal parking lot. There are also ATM's located at the ticket booth's out side the race site gates. View the track map and look for the ATM icon (a green dollar sign).

How do I get in the Paddock?

The Indycar Series Paddock requires a Paddock Pass that can be purchased at Mahaffey Theater so you can get up close and personal the drivers and their teams. All the other Paddock's are FREE to get in. Simply cross the Firestone bridge heading towards the Airport Terminal and visit the Support Series Paddocks.

How can I upgrade my ticket or get a Paddock Pass?

Ticket upgrades and other passes for purchase may be upgraded at the Mahaffey Theater Box Office.

Where can I find a gas station downtown?

Where are the Public Restrooms outside the Firestone Grand Prix?

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