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City Trails

What's New in CityTrails?

Booker Creek Trail

A community meeting was held on February 24, 2015 to discuss the updated design concepts for the Historic Booker Creek Trail including consideration of a boardwalk design concept to minimize the negative impacts and protect trees.  The reactions to the concept at the meeting were overwhelmingly positive and supportive.  A copy of the presentation and a summary sheet can be downloaded.  We'd like to hear from the community with regard to the revised concepts.  Please send your comments to Cheryl Stacks at, or by mail to One 4th Street North, 8th Floor, St. Petersburg, FL 33701.  Thanks for your continued interest in the Historic Booker Creek Trail and St. Petersburg's CityTrails.

Bicycle Map
New St. Petersburg Bike Map is now available. This 5th edition map is an update to the 2012 map that depicts shared-use trails and key, developed bicycle routes throughout the city to make it easier for residents and visiting cyclists to navigate St. Petersburg. Request a free copy of the map by mail

St. Petersburg's TrailBites allows trail users to find eating establishments located within mile of a CityTrails recreational trail, including the Pinellas Trail. Look for hard copies of the TrailBites guide at city kiosks, or access the information on the online Bike Map.  Simply click the TrailBites option on the left side of the Bike Map page.

2009 CityTrails Master Plan Update
Fall 2009 report of the award-winning CityTrails Master Plan progress and achievements.

 Bicyclists On City Trail

A Pedestrian and Bicycle Friendly City

Thousands of city residents and visitors have already discovered the joy of riding bicycles and walking in our community. The climate, beautiful park system, many retail and employment destinations and our wonderful neighborhoods contribute to the opportunities to bike or walk for health, recreation or work. We would like to expand these opportunities and identify ways to make them safer. The city has always had this vision. It was further confirmed during the city's Vision 2020 strategy sessions when so many people identified these features as important.

The Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan will provide a framework to be used to achieve the goals for future bicycle and pedestrian enhancements for many years to come. I encourage you and your neighborhood to be involved. This is an opportunity to participate in a plan that will affect all of us.

Let 's make St. Petersburg the most "pedestrian and bicycle friendly" city in the country.

What are CityTrails?

St. Petersburg's CityTrails are facilities for non-motorized traffic, primarily bicyclists and pedestrians.  They include bicycle lanes, bicycle routes, recreational trails, sidewalks, crosswalks, and other devices that assist people in getting around St. Petersburg without a motor vehicle.

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