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Current Planning Projects

Current Planning Projects

Driftwood Local Historic District

Owner-initiated application to designate the Driftwood neighborhood a local historic district for listing in the St. Petersburg Register of Historic Places.


Housing Development and Affordability Initiatives

In response to growing concerns about housing affordability, the City has initiated a housing development and affordability initiative that will eventually include new and improved housing programs, text amendments to the City’s Land Development Regulations, and map amendments to the City’s Zoning and Future Land Use maps.

Committee of the Whole

Noise Ordinance Update

In order to address concerns raised by the public and law enforcement, St. Petersburg is evaluating its noise ordinance. City staff has analyzed the city’s noise levels, conducted stakeholder meetings with the public, including affected businesses, researched model noise ordinances, presented to the Public Services and Infrastructure Committee, and worked with acoustic consultants. This process will conclude with a review of potential changes to our existing noise ordinance that will be proposed for adoption by City Council.

For more information contact Elizabeth Abernethy at

PS&I Presentations 
Third Stakeholder Meeting
Second Stakeholder Meeting
First Stakeholder Meeting
Acoustical Studies

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