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Chief Anthony Holloway Biography

Cheif Holloway

Anthony Holloway joined the Clearwater Police Department in 1985 as a patrol officer and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree (Business Management) in 1999 and his Master’s degree (Business Administration) in 2001.  In June of 2011, he was awarded a certificate of completion for the Senior Executives in State and Local Government program from Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, Executive Education.  During his career with the Clearwater Police Department, Chief Holloway served as a Patrol Officer, a Community Policing Specialist, an undercover Vice & Narcotics Detective, a Patrol Sergeant, a Detective Sergeant (Economic Crimes Unit), the Support Services Assistant Division Commander, and the Patrol Division Commander. 

During Chief Holloway’s tenure with the Clearwater Police Department, he received numerous awards to include the Clearwater Bar Association Allen L. Moore Memorial Gold Badge (twice), Joseph F. Cornelius Family Foundation Outstanding Police Officer of the Year (the highest honor given by the Clearwater Police Department), the Fraternal Order of Police Officer of the Year, and the Chief’s Unit Citation. Chief Holloway retired as the Patrol Division Commander in November 2007. 

Upon his retirement, he was selected as the Chief of Police (2007 – 2010) with the City of Somerville, Massachusetts which occupies slightly over 4-square miles with a dense population of 77,500.  The city of Somerville is home to a myriad of immigrants from all over the world making it one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the nation.

Chief Holloway was reunited with the Clearwater Police Department in February 2010 having been appointed Chief of Police from a field of more than 200 candidates. He taught law enforcement to governmental, educational, and community organizations throughout Florida.  He was also appointed to the Board of Governors of The Florida Bar in June 2012 and served as consultant/trainer to organizations such as the Department of Juvenile Justice, U.S. Department of Justice, and St. Petersburg College.

Chief Holloway served the City of Clearwater until his selection as Chief of Police for the St. Petersburg Police Department in St. Petersburg, Florida in August 2014.