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Employment Forms

All of the below forms must be completed and submitted together for your application packet to be considered complete. Failure to complete all of the forms will delay the employment process from being initiated.

All applicants MUST submit copies of the following listed documents, with the exception of college and high transcripts which must be "OFFICIAL", meaning sealed in an envelope.

  • Birth Certificate - Government issued (i.e. State, County, etc.), or a valid U.S. Passport.
  • Naturalization Certificate (if applicable): The original Certificate must be presented for review, as Federal Law prohibits copying the certificate.
  • Social Security Card (must be signed).
  • High School Diploma or State-Issued GED Certificate and an Official High School Transcript. Applicants who are Florida certified, have worked for 12 consecutive months as a sworn full-time officer in another state, or who are currently enrolled at St. Petersburg College are not required to provide an Official High School Transcript.
  • Two (2) Official College Transcripts showing at least 30 semester hours if non-certified or 60 semester hours if certified, and have less than 2 years full-time law enforcement experience (or quarter hour equivalents). Applicants who are Florida certified, enrolled in a Florida law enforcement academy, or have at least 2 years sworn full-time law enforcement experience or are currently enrolled at St. Petersburg College, are only required to submit one (1) Official College Transcript. (See Selection Standards regarding Accrediting Institutions accepted).
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable).
  • Divorce Decree(s) (if applicable).
  • Valid Driver’s License.
  • Military Records Request and Military DD214 - Member - 4 - Copy (if applicable).
  • Selective Service Card (if applicable) or visit .
  • Any other certificates that may reflect job qualifications should also be submitted.
  • A current driving record if you are holding an out-of-state driver’s license. If you’ve had a Florida driver’s license for less than five (5) years you need to retrieve a driving record from the previous state.
  • If you are a certified Police Officer outside of the State of Florida, submit a copy of the curriculum from the academy attended.
  • Notarized Waivers (Confidential, Liability, and Credit)
  • Background Investigation Worksheet
  • Military/Non-Military Service Affidavit
  • Law Enforcement Experience Affidavit (if applicable)
  • Neighborhood Survey
  • Police report(s) and final disposition(s) of any arrest (felony or misdemeanor). This would include an expungement, sealed record, dismissal of charges, etc. All domestic related cases whether complainant or accused. Other sources for obtaining this information would be personal records, personal attorney, arresting agency, county clerk’s office.
  • College Placement Test results, if applicable (For applicants meeting military or prior law enforcement criteria, see Selection Standards for more information).
  • Bankruptcy discharge including list of creditors (if applicable)


Please contact our department recruiter when your application is filled out completely with all supporting documents from the above list and is ready to be submitted.


Robert Page
Officer Robert Page
Email Officer Page at

Direct all recruiting questions to Officer Page