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This page is dedicated to News Releases and ongoing information from the City of St. Petersburg Public Works Department.  For more information, please contact the Public Works Communications Manager at (727) 893-7250

Date Document
2018-05-22 Water Main Repairs to close one lane of MLK Jr. Street
2018-05-22 58th Street closures May 23
2018-05-22 Night-time road work to close Central Avenue
2018-05-22 Tanglewood Bridge replacement plans ready
2018-05-18 Water Quality Improves at St. Petersburg Beach
2018-05-17 Recreational Water Quality Results Updated
2018-05-17 Public Outreach and Informational Resources for 40th Avenue NE Bridge Project
2018-05-10 Recreational Water Quality Results Updated
2018-05-03 Recreational Water Quality Results Updated
2018-05-03 Reclaimed Customers' conservation commended
2018-05-02 New (Drinking) Water Quality Report Released
2018-05-02 Reclaimed Water Leak
2018-05-01 Reclaimed leak stopped at Southwest Water Reclamation Facility
2018-04-27 Recreational Water Quality Results Updated
2018-04-27 Small Amount of Waste Sludge leaks at construction site
2018-04-20 Precautionary Boil Water Notice Rescinded
2018-04-19 Recreational Water Quality samples test "Good"
2018-04-18 Precautionary Boil-Water Notice Issued for Tyrone Gardens area
2018-04-12 Recreational Water Quality Results Updated
2018-04-09 Wastewater/Stormwater Task Force shows sewer system progress
2018-04-05 Recreational Water Quality Results Updated
2018-04-01 Grease clog causes manhole overflow near St. Joe's Creek
2018-03-30 St. Petersburg Recreational Water Quality Results Updated
2018-03-27 Dry-season demand for Reclaimed Water increases
2018-03-27 Small sewage spill stopped quickly at Northwest Water Reclamation Facility
2018-03-15 Recreational Water Quality Tests Expanded; weekly results published
2018-03-14 Emergency sewer repairs force walkway re-routing
2018-03-08 Recreational Water Quality Results Updated
2018-03-06 Water Goats help keep Lake Maggiore clear
2018-03-01 Drainage Improvements in Denver Park
2018-03-01 Recreational Water Quality Results Updated
2018-02-28 Intermittent lane closures through downtown March 1st
2018-02-26 Fall comes "later" in Florida… but leaves still need proper disposal
2018-02-22 Resurfacing and Grand Prix preps force detours downtown
2018-02-22 Recreational Water Quality Results Updated
2018-02-19 Sewer bypass leak stopped
2018-02-16 Recreational Water Quality Results Updated
2018-02-16 Downtown Water Main Replacement plans to be presented
2018-02-08 Recreational Water Quality Results Updated
2018-02-08 Time running out on "Sensible Sprinkling Program"
2018-02-02 Update - Good Rating from Lassing Park Water Samples Re-test
2018-02-02 Medians coming to calm traffic on 34th Avenue N
2018-02-01 Recreational Water Quality Results Updated
2018-01-27 Sludge leak stopped at Northeast Water Reclamation Facility
2018-01-25 Northshore Beach Advisory and Additional Water Testing Results
2018-01-25 Road work to create medians
2018-01-25 Road work to improve drainage along Serpentine Drive
2018-01-25 Small discharges at Water Reclamation Facilities
2018-01-24 City to assist Duke Energy in manhole maintenance
2018-01-24 Water main break closes intersection
2018-01-23 Design firm selected for 40th Avenue Bridge Project
2018-01-18 It may be cold… but the water's fine!
2018-01-18 Reclaimed leak stopped (twice) at Northeast Water Reclamation Facility
2018-01-18 City to continue "smoke testing" for sewer line defects in 2018
2018-01-16 Moving forward on 40th Avenue Bridge design firm selection
2018-01-12 Recreational Water Quality Results Updated
2018-01-12 Sewer Repairs to close lanes on 38th Avenue N
2018-01-09 Marina Master Plan Open House
2018-01-09 40th Avenue Bridge timeline UPDATE
2018-01-08 Reclaimed water leak investigated at Northeast Water Reclamation Facility
2018-01-05 Sludge leak stopped at Northeast Water Reclamation Facility
2018-01-05 Recreational Water Quality Results Updated
2018-01-04 Integrated Water Plan Moves Forward
2017-12-29 New Water, Sewer Rates for the New Year
2017-12-28 Getting a clearer picture of Water Quality
2017-12-28 Water Quality results re-updated
2017-12-22 Reclaimed leak stopped at Southwest Water Reclamation Facility
2017-12-22 Just in time for Christmas visitors, Water Quality results re-updated
2017-12-21 Weekly Recreational Water Quality results updated
2017-12-20 Drainage Improvements coming to 34th Avenue NE
2017-12-14 Weekly Recreational Water Quality results updated
2017-12-11 Saving time and money with directional drilling
2017-12-08 Weekly Recreational Water Quality results updated
2017-12-07 Infrastructure Investments and Improvements continue… But Homeowners' help is key!
2017-12-01 Weekly Recreational Water Quality results updated
2017-11-28 Reclaimed Water leak stopped
2017-11-21 Weekly Recreational Water Quality results updated
2017-11-16 Weekly Recreational Water Quality results updated
2017-11-15 Small leak at Northeast Water Reclamation Facility
2017-11-15 Quick reaction and hard work by Public Works crews save the day
2017-11-14 Citizen Input Requested on Future of Area Near Dr. M.L. King Jr. Street North
2017-11-13 City assists "sensible sprinklers"
2017-11-09 Small leak stopped at Northwest Water Reclamation Facility
2017-11-09 Recreational Water Quality remains "Good" at St. Petersburg sites
2017-10-31 Emergency repairs temporarily close two lanes of US 19 South
2017-10-29 Small leak stopped at Southwest Water Reclamation Facility
2017-10-27 New 40th Avenue Bridge in the works
2017-10-26 Reclaimed water line leak stopped
2017-10-19 Recreational Water Quality "Good" at St. Petersburg sites
2017-10-13 Public Works Public Update
2017-10-12 Recreational Water Quality tests updated
2017-10-11 Venetian Isles Seawalls set for re-hab
2017-10-05 Recreational Water Results Update
2017-09-28 Cosme Water Treatment Plant to hold Open House October 14
2017-09-22 Moving forward with Water Resources:  From Consent Order to Master Planning
2017-09-22 Check Sprinkler System Time Clocks After Power Loss
2017-09-21 Lanes to be closed downtown for overnight water main work
2017-09-19 Water Quality Returns to Pre-Irma Levels
2017-09-14 Recreational Water Quality Update
2017-09-13 City of St. Petersburg beaches closed following Hurricane Irma
2017-09-12 Partially treated water leaks from holding tank at Northeast Water Reclamation Facility
2017-09-12 Recycling collection suspended due to loss of power at processing facility
2017-09-11 Power outages affect St. Petersburg wastewater system
2017-09-08 Sandbag supply exhausted
2017-09-07 Run on Sandbags in St. Petersburg
2017-09-06 Additional Sandbag Locations Available in Preperation For Possibility of Hurricane Irma
2017-09-05 Sandbag sites open in advance of Irma.  Stay informed.
2017-09-01 Water Quality Testing updates at Lassing Park and Northshore Beach
2017-09-01 Lead soils to be removed from City-owned property
2017-08-31 Enhanced water testing shows higher bacteria levesl at two city locations
2017-08-29 Small sewage seepage confined to SW Water Reclamation Facility
2017-08-29 Second Street to be closed
2017-08-28 Making 30th Avenue better for bicyclists
2017-08-24 Water Quality testing changes
2017-08-23 40th Avenue Bridge traffic resumes two-way pattern
2017-08-22 In Place Pipe-lining for Disston Heights
2017-08-22 40th Avenue Bridge traffic to resume two-way pattern Wednesday
2017-08-21 Paving underway.  40th Avenue Bridge still set for mid-week re-opening.
2017-08-18 40th Avenue Bridge remains closed to motorists for now
2017-08-17 Water Quality Testing takes a break at Spa Beach
2017-08-16 40th Avenue Bridge Update (8/16)
2017-08-15 Voluntary Boil Water Notice for two properties along 22nd Avenue S
2017-08-15 40th Avenue Bridge Update (8/15)
2017-08-14 40th Avenue Bridge Update
2017-08-11 40th Avenue Bridge to close for emergency repairs
2017-08-10 Fourth Street N closure tonight/overnight to complete roadway repairs
2017-08-10 Water main replacement may cause downtown detours and delays
2017-08-10 Recreational Water Quality Results updated
2017-08-09 Contractor slices Reclaimed Water line, Spill contained on site
2017-08-09 Warning signs removed from waterways near Clam Bayou
2017-08-04 Grease clog causes sewage overflow near Clam Bayou
2017-08-04 Precautionary boil water notice lifted as repairs continue along 4th St. N
2017-08-03 Partially treated sewage spill at Northeast Water Reclamation Facility
2017-08-03 Recreational Water Quality Results updated
2017-08-02 Water service out due to lightning strike
2017-08-02 Precautionary Boil Water Notice for 4th St corridor
2017-08-01 Watering restrictions eased
2017-07-31 St. Petersburg "weathers" TS Emily
2017-07-30 Blockage cleared from sanitary sewer line
2017-07-20 Help is on the way for drainage improvements near Crescent Lake
2017-07-14 Southwest Water Reclamation Facility Overflow – July 14 Update
2017-07-13 Overflow at Southwest Water Reclamation Facility contained on Plant Property
2017-07-13 Update:  Southwest Water Reclamation Facility Overflow
2017-07-13 Southwest Water Reclamation Facility Overflow
2017-07-07 Summer Storms Runoff Leads to Area Beach Advisories
2017-07-06 Water Quality Improves At Area Beaches
2017-06-26 St. Petersburg City Offices Closed Tuesday, July 4th; No Tuesday Collections for Trash or Recycling
2017-06-22 Interactive Apps Connect Citizens to Sunshine City
2017-06-15 North Shore Beach Closed Due to Recent Rain Runoff
2017-06-12 Central Avenue Closed for Water Line Repairs
2017-06-10 St. Petersburg Beaches Opened After Testing Reveals Good Water Quality
2017-06-08 City Beaches Closed Due to Runoff
2017-06-08 North Shore Beach Water Improves to Good; Lassing Park, Maximo Beach Remain Closed
2017-05-24 City Watering Restrictions Tightened
2017-05-23 New Water Map - Dispatch
2017-05-23 Minor Unauthorized Discharges Managed by City's Water Resources Department
2017-05-11 Alert St. Pete Archive Sept 2016 - May 2017
2017-05-10 Reclaimed Water Leak Repaired at Northwest Plant
2017-05-05 Storm Season Readiness: Reveal and Remind
2017-05-04 Grease Clog Removed After Small Sewage Spill
2017-04-21 Untreated Groundwater Causes Localized Discharge
2017-04-20 Resident Input Sought for Roadway Improvements
2017-04-12 Minor Leak of Reclaimed Water at Northwest Plant
2017-04-03 Final Pelican Mortality Report Released
2017-03-18 Maintenance Scheduled to Repair Line Which Caused Leaking Manhole
2017-03-16 Leak from Bleach Containment System Noted at Northwest Reclamation Plant
2017-03-14 City Prepares for Rainy Season With Injection Well Groundbreaking
2017-03-08 Minor Sludge Spill at Northwest Reclamation Plant 
2017-03-02 Wastewater Open Houses: Come See What We Are Up To...
2017-03-01 Sharing Information with Stakeholders Opens Communication - Second Sewer Symposium Scheduled Mar. 15
2017-02-24 SEWER SYMPOSIUM:  A Public Forum on the Proposed Consent Order and Wastewater Project Implementation
2017-02-22 Public Input Sought on Northwest Injection Wells; Additional Meeting Held Tuesday, Feb. 28
2017-02-15 Manhole Maintenance Taking Place Throughout St. Petersburg
2017-02-10 St. Petersburg Launches Uni-Directional Flushing Program on Monday, February 13
2017-02-06 Latest Findings Released in Pelicans Deaths
2017-02-03 Tests Continue to Determine Cause of Pelican Deaths
2017-02-02 Northeast Reclaimed Water Discharge Confined to Plant Property
2017-02-01 Reclaimed Water Service Back To Normal in St. Petersburg
2017-01-31 Northeast Reclaimed Water Off Through Beginning of February
2017-01-26 Rehabilitated Pelicans Released; Studies Continue Into Avian Sickness
2017-01-24 Grand Canal Water Line Replacement Begins This Week
2017-01-24 Public Input Sought On Northwest Injection Wells
2017-01-20 Water Quality Tests Continue After Nanoplankton And Red Tide Found
2017-01-19 Warning Signs Removed; Water Quality Testing Continues
2017-01-18 City Continues Water Testing Regarding Bird Deaths Alongside FWC Investigation
2017-01-17 St. Petersburg Brings in Additional Assistance to Investigate Sick Pelicans –Update #1
2017-01-17 Riviera Bay, Coffee Pot Bayou Water Test Results Near Normal; Bird Testing Continues
2017-01-16 City of St. Petersburg Assisting With Discovery of Dead And Sick Pelicans;  Testing Water For Potential Cause
2017-01-06 Sanitary Sewer Improvements Begin in Bahama Shores, Coquina Key Neighborhoods
2016-12-13 Reclaimed Water Line Break at Vinoy Golf Club
2016-12-06 Public Input Invited on Improvements to Southwest Water Treatment Facility
2016-11-21 Grand Canal Seawall Replacement Project Rescheduled to November 28
2016-11-18 Duke Energy Enhances City Infrastructure with Improvements to Downtown Electrical Manholes
2016-11-12 Update: Private Force Main Break at 2nd St. N. and 99th Ave. N.
2016-11-11 Private Force Main Break at 2nd St. N. and 99th Ave. N.
2016-11-10 Detours In Place for Grand Canal Seawall Replacement Project
2016-11-03 Kriseman's Infrastructure Plan - Overview
2016-11-03 Kriseman's Infrastructure Plan - Presentation
2016-10-26 Maintenance of Reclaimed Water System Scheduled for Early Thursday Morning
2016-10-24 Reclaimed Water Line Break Repaired at Southwest Plant
2016-10-14 Potable Water Line Break Near Albert Whitted, Repairs Underway
2016-10-11 Open Houses, Public Tours Planned for St. Petersburg Wastewater Treatment Plants This Saturday, October 15
2016-10-05 Sewer Repairs Temporarily Affect Traffic
2016-09-28 Waterline Break Near Gandy Blvd.

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