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Current Rates

Monthly Residential Rates

The city has adopted new billing procedures that affect the appearance of your utility statement, specifically the Garbage Disposal and Residential Recycling fees. Both fees have been combined so customers will see one line item, instead of two. The billing change is designed to increase efficiency. Learn about the new procedures in Important Changes to Your Utility Bill.

Curbside/Alley Service

Twice-a-week Service

Single Family Residence, Business or Institution

  • One automated 90 gallon container - $22.33 
  • Each additional automated 90 gallon container - $12.31* 
  • Multiple Family Residence-per unit - $22.33

Once-a-week service

If customers do not produce enough trash for twice-a-week solid waste collection, they may voluntarily choose to reduce their collection to once per week.

In order to qualify, customers must meet the following criteria:

  • Single-Family Residential/one or two person household
  • Lot size 8,500 sq. feet or less
  • Water usage less than 5,000 gallons or less per month

Submit either the Collection for One-Person Households or the Collection for Two Person Households form depending on your circumstances.

Curbside Recycling Service

Single family residence or multiple family residence (up to four units).

  • One 95 gallon blue recycling container - $2.95 (effective Aug. 2015)
  • Collections are once every two weeks on a designated day. Refer to the colored sticker on your recycling container, the customer welcome kit included with each container, or the new St. Pete Collects mobile app.

Backyard Service 

Backyard Service is a fee-based service where the solid waste container is removed from behind the property, dumped and returned to the back of the property.  The recycling container is serviced in the same way at no additional cost to those residents who pay for solid waste backyard service.

Single Family Residence, Business or Institution

  • One automated 90 gallon container or 2 cans, manual system - $53.27 
  • Each additional can or container - $26.10* 
  • Multiple Family Residence - per unit - $53.27
  • No additional cost for current customers who qualify for residential curbside recycling

Standby Fee - $11.48

*6 month minimum plus a $10.63 one-time placement fee.

Tub-Out Service

To accommodate persons with disabilities who cannot maneuver containers, the City offers a "Tub-Out Service " at no additional charge. A person must submit a certification form along with a doctor's certificate to be eligible for this service.

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