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Transportation and Land Use


There is an inextricable link between a community's transportation and land use policies, its reliance on the automobile and the emissions of greenhouse gases. Our transportation system has a profound impact on the overall livability of our city. As the region grows, traffic congestion will continue to grow resulting in greater public health impacts and an increased amount of time spent in traffic unless we can provide better transportation choices for residents and businesses.

Providing better ways to get around is strategy and as such, the Office of Sustainability suports other City departments and agencies to implement transit-, bike- and pedestrian-friendly policies. 

Key Initiatives

Key initiatives under the Mayor’s goals for Sustainable Built Environment Practices and Safe & Efficient Multimodal Transportation include:

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Stations

There are approximately 25 EV stations located in St. Petersburg.  The city of St. Petersburg owns and operates thirteen Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Stations located in downtown and the Grand Central District.  City-owned charging stations are FREE at this time.  Other fee information is unknown at this time.

Nine of the city-owned charging stations are operated through the ChargePoint network, enabling drivers of EVs to park and charge using a ChargePass card, a smartphone app or a RFID equipped credit card.  To order a card, download an app (available for iphone, Android and Blackberry), to activate a card or for more information visit

The EV map shows the locations of charging stations and highlights the ChargePoint Stations. 

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