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Parking Management

What We Do

Parking Management ensures the most efficient use of on-street and off-street parking assets within the downtown area, thereby serving the highest number of residents and visitors with the most convenient parking spaces available. On-street management of spaces is conducted primarily through the use of time limits and parking meters to encourage vehicle turnover.  Off-street parking garages and lots are maintained to support the downtown by giving commuters and longer-term visitors a safe, clean place to park for a reasonable fee. This team is responsible for parking management through the use of regulation and fees; parking facility operation and maintenance; special event transportation and parking distribution design, plan and management; propose ordinance changes to enhance parking systems; administer residential parking and central business district parking plans; investigate and improve safety and accessibility needs as identified through public contact, staff studies and committee involvement.

Parking Study - Edge District

The City of St. Petersburg is going through a process to optimize Downtown parking, including the EDGE District, for all users and improve the overall customer experience for residents, business owners, employees, and visitors. This process also recognizes that St. Pete’s downtown, including the EDGE District is changing in ways such as becoming more dense and losing surface lot parking to new development while also becoming a more popular place to live, work and play, which brings additional parking demands and challenges. Responses to the following survey will be used to help develop the recommendations and strategies in the City of St. Petersburg Parking Demand Study. This is the second public survey being conducted as part of the study. The first survey was a broad survey measuring responses about the downtown as a whole, including The EDGE, which is a sub-district located in the greater downtown area. This survey is intended to capture specific responses regarding The EDGE District's unique characteristics, different than other downtown areas. The EDGE District runs from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Street to 16th Street, and from 1st Avenue North to 1st Avenue South.

The EDGE District survey is available until August 28, 2015.


Time Limited Parking

When parking in an area that has a 2 hour parking sign (or other time limit as posted on signs), please note that parking in this area is for the time posted hours only. You must travel through an intersection to start a new parking session.

Pay-by-Phone at Parking Meters

The city of St. Petersburg and Parkmobile USA, Inc. offer a service that will allow residents and visitors in downtown St. Petersburg to save time and money by using their mobile phone to pay for parking. To use the Parkmobile system, customers register for free at . Once registered, motorists can use a mobile app, the internet, or a toll free phone call, 877-PARK-714 or 1-877-727-5714 to pay for parking ($0.35 per transaction or $1.75 per month and $0.25 per transaction for frequent users). Motorists can also select the option to receive text message alerts and reminders fifteen minutes before their time expires.

Helpful Tips

  1. There are many options available for parking downtown.
  2. St. Petersburg is host to more than 1,000 annual downtown events. Many of those events feature free shuttle service provided by the St. Petersburg Trolley between designated parking locations and event locations.  
  3. Residents and visitors may also take advantage of the "Looper" shuttle service, which loops St. Petersburg's downtown, EDGE and Grand Central Districts on a regular daily schedule. A portion of the route is a Free Fare Zone, including Beach Drive to the Beach Drive Parking lot. Additionally, PSTA's Central Avenue Trolley serves Central Avenue from Pier parking lots in downtown St. Petersburg to Pass-A-Grille on St. Pete Beach.  For routes, rates and times of operation, please click on


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