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Federal and State Law mandate that all cities, counties and other municipal bodies that process more than 5 million gallons of wastewater every day are generally required to have an Industrial Pretreatment Program.  The program is required under the "Clean Water Act" and there are presently 75 programs within the State of Florida which are all regulated (since May 1, 1995) by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) in Tallahassee.

The major objectives of the industrial pretreatment program are:

  • Preventing the introduction of pollutants into the City's Water Reclamation Facilities (WRF) which will interfere with the operation of the treatment works or contaminate the resulting biolsolids or reclaimed water.
  • Preventing the introduction of pollutants into the City's WRF's which may pass through any treatment plant inadequately treated into receiving waters, injection wells, biosolids, reclaimed water or the atmosphere or be incompatible with the WRF. 
  • Improving the opportunity to recycle and reclaim municipal and industrial wastewaters and biosolids.
  • Cause the City to violate its treatment plant operating permits. 

The program issues permits to the larger industries and transported waste from portable toilets and septic tanks within the City and ensures that the concentrations of any toxic pollutants in their wastewater comply with the requirements of the City Ordinance. The program also collects samples of wastewater from all over the sewer system and continuously monitors the system for unknown sources of toxic pollutants.  The program has escalating enforcement powers including termination of sewer service to industries that show patterns of repeat violations with no active effort to come into compliance with their permits. 

Below are the following forms useful for facilities subject to the industrial pretreatment program.

If further information is required, please phone the Industrial Pretreatment Coordinator at 727-892-5694.


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