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Lateral Line Rehabilitation

What is a Lateral Line?

A lateral line is the pipe that connects your home to the City’s sewer system. Lateral lines are private property and their maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner.

The Problem

Did you know your lateral lines could be contributing to sewer overflows and backups in your neighborhood? Lateral lines in Maximo Moorings and Greater Pinellas Point have been identified to be susceptible to inflow and infiltration by unwanted stormwater and groundwater, especially during heavy rain events. Inflow and infiltration can enter the system from yards, roof and footing drains, cross-connections with storm drains, downspouts, holes in manhole covers or holes, line breaks, joint and connection failures and other openings. This additional water in the system increases the risk of sewer overflows and puts a strain on the system as a whole.

The Solution

The City of St. Petersburg is making investments in the infrastructure of Maximo Moorings and Greater Pinellas Point. Starting April 2019, the City is working on a pilot study to determine the effectiveness of private lateral line rehabilitations. The project will include the study and inspection of lateral lines and the City will provide funding to property owners for the rehabilitation of their private lateral lines. Property owners have the opportunity to take advantage of this temporary funding and contribute to the infrastructure improvements and environmental stewardship in St. Pete. This is a temporary offering and funding will not be available after the project is completed.

Project Timeline

Homeowner sign-up is currently open. Check this page for updates.

Who Is Eligible?

Single-family homeowners in Maximo Moorings and Greater Pinellas Point within the study area are invited to participate. An extensive analysis of the St. Petersburg neighborhoods was conducted to determine the most effective study areas for private lateral rehabilitation study. Location, average age of the homes, elevation and extensive public infrastructure rehabilitations were the main determining factors in which specific homes within the qualified neighborhoods would be best suited to participate in the study.

Are you interested in lateral line rehabilitation but outside of the study area? You may qualify for a low-interest loan from the Solar and Energy Loan Fund. More information can be found at Homes that are not eligible for this study may be eligible for other pilot studies in the future.

View the study area maps below:

Maximo Moorings
Greater Pinellas Point

Next Steps

  1. Sign up below for a free assessment of your lateral lines.
  2. Have your lateral lines assessed by a plumber pre-qualified by the City. There is no obligation to pursue rehabilitation if assessment results indicate work is needed. 
  3. Take advantage of available funding from the City to help pay for the rehabilitation, based on assessment results. City funding may not cover all of the cost of the rehabilitation, so you may qualify for a low-interest loan from the Solar and Energy Loan Fund for the difference. More information at

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