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Procurement & Supply Management


The City purchases a wide array of supplies, services and construction. If you operate a business, small or large, the City of St. Petersburg would like to hear from you. The City does business with companies across the nation and beyond, but is especially interested in working with local business.   

The Procurement and Supply Management Department of the City of St. Petersburg is one of only three agencies that currently hold the pinnacle Accreditation for Public Procurement practice through The Institute for Public Procurement.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to facilitate the procurement of supplies, services and construction for our customers at the best value, through supplier collaboration, innovative practices and leveraging of technology.

Our vision is to be recognized by our customers as a value-added partner.

Our values are service, professionalism, ethics, accountability and responsibility, transparency and innovation.

Obligation to assist stakeholders -- essential to support the public good.

Upholding high standards of job performance and ethical behavior -- essential to balance diverse public interests.

Acting in a manner true to the values of public procurement -- essential to preserve to public trust.

Accountability and Social Responsibility
Taking ownership and being responsible to stakeholders for our actions -- essential to preserve the public trust and protect the public interest.

Easily accessible and understandable policies and processes -- essential to demonstrate responsible use of public funds.

Exploring new ideas, concepts, strategies and approaches for continuous improvement -- essential to provide the best value for tax dollars.

Standards of Ethical Conduct
Public employment is a public trust. City officials and employees must discharge their duties impartially in order to ensure fair, competitive access to City procurement by responsible contractors. Moreover, they shall conduct themselves in such a manner as to foster public confidence in the integrity of the City's procurement process. To this end, City officials and employees shall have no interest, financial or otherwise, direct or indirect, nor engage in any business transaction or activities, nor incur any obligation of any nature, which is in conflict with the St. Petersburg City Code or state or federal law. In addition, City officials and employees are expected to fully comply with all applicable ethical laws and to demonstrate the highest standards of personal integrity and to conduct their duties in ways that are free from the inference or perception that favorable treatment was sought, received or given, and to avoid any interest or activity which is in conflict with the conduct of official duties.

Please note, iSupplier Portal and Online Bidding will be down for weekly maintenance from Friday at midnight through Saturday at noon.

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