800 1st Ave. S.

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Project Overview

The first project of the Community Benefits Agreement program is located on a 4.59-acre site at 800 1st Ave. S. in downtown St. Pete, which will be developed by the TPA Group in conjunction with Moffitt Cancer Center along with UPC Insurance (the “Project”).

Proposal Details

The Project proposal called for the development of a mixed-use project that would include a state-of-the-art outpatient cancer care facility, a mixed-use modern multi-family residential tower with a workforce housing component, activated ground floor retail, a public-access parking garage, and the retention and future expansion site of the United Insurance headquarters.

CBAC Ad Hoc Members

For specific CBA projects, four ad hoc members are selected as-needed and join standing members to comprise a full CBAC. Ad hoc members are chosen from residents within one mile of the project location. The Mayor and City Council each appoint two ad hoc members, as needed. Additionally, one City Council member is selected by their peers, as needed, as an ad hoc member of the CBAC for each project. Ad hoc members serve until the project is approved by City Council or withdrawn.

We are recruiting ad hoc members to the CBAC.  If the full CBAC is needed for the Project, selection and appointment of ad hoc members is anticipated to occur in June. 

Residents living within one mile of the Project, proposed to be developed at 800 1st Ave. S., are encouraged to apply for the four vacant ad hoc CBAC positions. Applications for ad hoc members will be accepted starting May 23 until May 28 at 11:59 p.m.

Apply to be an ad hoc member here.

Public Input Opportunities

Interested residents were invited to attend an in-person public meeting led by the TPA development team on Friday, May 13 at 5 p.m. at The Sunshine Center (330 5th St. N.). During this meeting, participants were able to hear introductory information about the project, goals, and provide feedback.

The TPA Presentation from the meeting can be found here. Residents are invited to provide feedback on the proposal using this online form