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The St. Pete Service Center uses SeeClickFix - a report and tracking tool - to communicate issues to City service departments. After an issue is submitted, the team will assign issues to the appropriate department or service, track response time, and evaluate repeating repairs as a tracking tool. 

Use the SeeClickFix app below
or visit the SeeClickFix website to request assistance with City services or report problems such as potholes, graffiti, broken sidewalks, storm drain issues, traffic calming, traffic signal/sign problems, special pick-up of dumped items, or codes violations.  

The St. Pete Service Center will acknowledge newly submitted issues and forward them to the appropriate City departments to take care of the requests. Users will receive email updates and can return to this page to check the status of submitted issues. When the issue is resolved, the issue can be closed. Separate issues should be submitted as separate SeeClickFix reports. Please note, some issues may be more complicated than they appear on the surface. The cause and solution may involve multiple utilities and government agencies and take more time than anticipated.

SeeClickFix On-the-Go

Download the app (Apple App Store/Google Play) for easy submissions while you're out and around the city. Photos are encouraged.

Important Notes

  1. Please make sure the address provided is the location of the issue being reported.
  2. The SeeClickFix platform is not configured to act as a two-way dialogue/status-update tool. This confusion in our platform causes frustration for our citizens who expect otherwise. We share this with you, not as an excuse, but to clarify expectations of information you can expect to receive from SeeClickFix.
  3. Full name and address are required for reports related to codes compliance. Anonymous reports will not be investigated. More information can be found here
  4. Submitting multiple requests on the same issue will not expedite services, and can potentially delay repair.
  5. SeeClickFix is monitored during regular City Hall business hours. Requests placed over weekends or holidays may not be addressed until the following official business day.

SeeClickFix should not to be used to report law enforcement issues. Law enforcement issues (criminal activity, traffic violations, illegal parking, noise ordinance violations, or any other illegal activity) should be reported directly to the St. Petersburg Police Department by calling 727-893-7780 (for non-emergencies) or 911 (for emergencies).

Risk Management

For all general automotive or general liability claims, please reach out to the Risk Management Division.

Stormwater, Pavement & Traffic Operations

Problem with a road, sidewalk, street sign, stormwater catch basin, street sweeping or related? The Stormwater, Pavement and Traffic Operations Department is here to help.

The City has a special line dedicated to resolving these issues and more. For the quickest response, call 727-893-7421. Operating hours are Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Alternatively, you can submit a ticket in SeeClickFix above.

Water Resources

The Water Resources 24-Hour Dispatch Line is available 24/7 at 727-893-7261 for issues related to water services, leaks or discharges.

Thank a City Employee

Did a City employee go above and beyond for you? Submit an Employee Achievement Award Recommendation for outstanding service.

Online Submission Form

Alternatively, submissions can be emailed to or mailed to:

City of St. Petersburg
Human Resources – Employee Recognition Committee
One 4th St. N.
St. Petersburg, Florida 33731

Include this information in your mailed or emailed submission:

  • Date of service rendered
  • Employee name(s) and/or department(s)
  • Description of outstanding service rendered
  • Your name and contact information (optional)