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Community Cultural Plan


A community's cultural plan is a road map.  But where do we want to go, as concerns arts, creativity, and our city?  

The vision of the City of St. Petersburg is to create a climate where culture flourishes to benefit and educate all citizens and to enrich the quality of life for all. To achieve this vision, citizens, government and business must work in concert to create:

  • A broad diversity of artistic expression and cultural traditions
  • Opportunities for all citizens of all neighborhoods and ethnic traditions to participate in the arts
  • Vibrant arts communities and centers of creative expression  and
  • Recognition that St. Petersburg's cultural industry is a significant economic contributor to the city's well-being.


The Visions for a New Millennium The Community Cultural Plan for St. Petersburg was completed in 1999.  Guided by a Steering Committee of civic leaders and the City's Arts Advisory Committee, hundreds of people contributed to the development of the Plan in meetings held throughout the city.  The Plan was then adopted by City Council as St. Petersburg's official cultural policy. The first action taken by the City under the Plan established the Office of Cultural Affairs and created of a new staff position to head it – the  Manager of Cultural Affairs.  That position has since been elevated to a Director status and currently reports to the Mayor's Office.

St. Petersburg has experienced an amazing period of growth and revitalization in the years since the Plan was adopted.  The activities of the cultural sector have contributed to this growth while simultaneously acting as a catalyst and beneficiary of the dynamic downtown and quality of life that we experience today.

The original Visions Plan put forth Five Key Recommendations from the Six Goals with detailed objectives for each goal. 

In 2009, for the tenth anniversary of the Plan's adoption, the Office of Cultural Affairs spearheaded a community-based process to update the Plan, test its goals and objectives for relevancy and determine if the roadmap to the next ten years should include some things not identified in 1999.  The original plan was carefully edited by the Arts Advisory Committee to merge similar ideas into fewer objectives and to establish five goals, while retaining all of the Plan's original ideas. The Revised Plan is available here.

You may also view the Revised Community Cultural Plan and Original Community Cultural Plan.

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