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Urban Art

St. Petersburg’s relationship with the urban art scene has occurred over many years, with murals of all shapes, sizes and colors, most initially considered graffiti and illegal by city code standards, popping up in various corners of the city.

Until September 2015 when the SHINE Mural Festival permanently landed the Sunshine City on the roadmap of urban and contemporary art locations.

SHINE Mural Festival

SHINE catapulted St. Petersburg’s arts scene into the national spotlight by inviting local, regional and international muralists to leave their mark on the Sunshine City. What resulted was a 12 day festival of transitory murals turning blank sides of buildings into vibrant, larger-than-life canvases that dotted St. Petersburg’s landscape from the Central Arts District to points west.

You see the images. You may find them interesting, evocative, or provocative. But who are the artists behind them?

123Klan – Montreal, CA

Andrew Spear – Orlando, FL

Bask – St. Petersburg, FL

Chad Mize – St. Petersburg, FL

Erik Jones – Brooklyn, NY

Evoca1 – Miami, FL

Greg Mike – Atlanta, GA

Hitnes – Rome, Italy

Hoxxoh – Miami, FL

Michael Vasquez – Miami, FL

Morning Breath – Brooklyn, NY

Pep Rally, Inc. – Tampa, FL

Ricky Watts – San Francisco, CA

Shark Toof – Los Angeles, CA

Vitale Bros. – St. Petersburg, FL

Ya La’Ford – St. Petersburg, FL

This group was joined by another core group of artists, including St. Petersburg’s Carrie Jadus, who left signature iconic images at various locations throughout the city.

The impact of SHINE was further solidified with a companion exhibition, Leave A Message 2, at the Morean Arts Center. This exhibition, curated by Tes One, provided an outlet for artists who blur the line between the street and the gallery, using graffiti art, illustration, and graphic design to communicate with the public. Participating Leave A Message 2 artists included:

Acut; Andrew Spear; Bask; Derek Gores; Eric Orr; Francesco LoCastro; Hoxxoh; Jeff Srsic; Michael Vasquez; Morning Breath; Nathan Beard; Palehorse; Pep Rally Inc.; Phil Holt; Ricky Watts; Stoic; Tes One; and Ya La’ford

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