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Business Tax Application

Before doing business in St. Petersburg, you will need a Business Tax Certificate Receipt  (Formerly "Occupational License Tax"). This is an annual business tax for all businesses, professionals, independent contractors and individuals who accept compensation for merchandise or services who are located in the city limits of St. Petersburg.      

A good place to start is the Business Tax Division. 727-893-7241. This office is an agency of the city of St. Petersburg's Billing and Collections Department and provides Business certificate receipts for more than 400 business classifications. These classifications have different requirements, as well as different costs.

Business Location

If your business is located inside the city of St. Petersburg, you are required to possess a city of St. Petersburg Business Tax Certificate Receipt .

Your first step should be to determine whether or not your business is located within the city limits of St. Petersburg, which can be done through the Pinellas County Property Appraiser's Office. You may also call them at (727) 582-7652. If the answer is "yes", then you will need a city of St. Petersburg Business Tax Certificate Receipt .

Exceptions:  A St. Petersburg Business Tax Certificate Receipt is required for the following business activities regardless of the business address: mobile and temporary businesses, vehicles for hire and insurance companies.

Commercial Locations 
A certificate of occupancy from the Construction and Permitting Department may be required. Please contact them at 727-893-7231.

Peddlers / Mobile Vending Vehicles 

(ex. Ice Cream Trucks, Meat Trucks etc.) A permit from our police department is required if you wish to peddle by selling merchandise / products as you go door-to-door or business-to-business, you are required to obtain our Business Tax Certificate Receipt. For more details view the Solicitor / Peddler / Canvasser application that contains further instructions. 

Applications and Related Forms:

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