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Rental and Box Office

Rental Rates


Facility Reservations

The Coliseum will tentatively hold a facility date for 14 days, during which time the prospective User must complete and return a User Application form. Should another applicant request the same date, the original applicant will be given 24 hours to exercise right of first refusal, and submit a completed Use Agreement and appropriate deposit. All uses of The Coliseum facilities are considered tentative until a Use Agreement is completed and the deposit is received. Final determination on uses of The Coliseum facilities remains with the management of The Coliseum.

All requests for facility reservations must be made in writing. Upon renting any The Coliseum facility, a Use Agreement will be sent which must be signed, witnessed and returned to The Coliseum accompanied with the specified deposit. Deposit to be made in the form of a certified check. All cancellations must be submitted in writing. Requirements for events at The Coliseum are so variable that it is difficult to define costs of every event within these pages. Any additional costs will be determined after arrangements for each event have been established with The Coliseum Management.

Additional Facility Use

Use of the facilities shall be confined to the limits specified in the Use Agreement. Additional use of the facilities not specified in the Use Agreement will be at the User's expense. An early load-in or late load-out may require an additional hourly charge(s).

The 7% Florida State Sales Tax is applicable to all rentals and specified services.

Fees and Charges

The rental fees charged for use of The Coliseum facilities are on a "four wall" basis. Additional charges will be made for all personnel expenses, equipment usage, HVAC, lighting, sound, tables, chairs, staging risers, and for load-in and rehearsal days other than the performance day. Stagehands are required for operation of stage equipment, sound and lighting.


The Coliseum shall employ, furnish and supervise all personnel it deems necessary to conduct the event. Box Office personnel, parking attendants, ushers, stagehands, security and event janitorial services will all be provided at the expense of the User.

Event Requirements

User shall provide The Coliseum with a full and detailed schedule of all event requirements, including stage, lighting, sound, floor preparation and other event set-up requirements a minimum of 14 days prior to the event date. This includes additional information as may be requested by The Coliseum concerning the event, such as seating obstructions due to technical and staging requirements. Ideally, this information should be made possible prior to the event's ticket on sale date.

Box Office Procedures

All ticketing must be done through The Coliseum Box Office and Ticketmaster, its computerized ticketing system. No tickets may be put on sale until The Coliseum has received a signed Use Agreement and deposit. All ticketing operations remain under the control of The Coliseum. No monies will be released from the Box Office unless otherwise approved by The Coliseum Management. All unsold tickets remain the property of The Coliseum. Any trade/promotional tickets used by a promoter in payment of advertising may be subject to normal percentage of The Coliseum gross.

Box Office Service Includes

  • Complete staffing for advance sales
  • House scaling with alternate plans and gross potentials
  • Ticket ordering and manifests
  • Distribution reports and accounting of tickets sold at outlets

Refund of Ticket Revenue

The Coliseum retains the right to make any determination of ticket refunds for cause, in keeping with The Coliseum policy of retaining public faith. This shall include, but not be limited to, seats blocked by equipment, failure of production equipment, failure of talent to appear or to begin performance within reasonable time of schedule provided by User.


Marketing Services - The Coliseum offers in-house marketing services to help support events booked at The Coliseum. Support includes television and radio schedule ad placement, print ad placement, electronic publicity, printed publicity, and poster and flier distribution. User agrees to pay a 15% agency fee above the advertising expense for these in-house services. Contact the Sports, Entertainment and Convention Venues Marketing Department to implement your marketing program or for additional information.

All ad copy, electronic and print, must be approved prior to airing/printing. Use of facility logo and website is required in all print ads and television spots. Included in the informational kit is a marketing packet marketing packet that includes facility logos, standardized ad mats in various sizes, facility print ad rates and deadlines, basic market demographic information, radio and television station information and information regarding press material deadlines. For additional information, contact the Downtown Facilities Marketing Department.


User shall obtain and maintain comprehensive commercial general liability insurance (which shall cover the indemnity) with liability limits of a minimum of $1 million for injuries to or death of more than one person injured or killed in any one occurrence, and $1 million for property damage. Or, User may provide comprehensive commercial general liability insurance with a minimum limit of liability of $1 million single combined limit for personal injury and property damage. All insurance required hereunder shall be issued by a reputable and financially sound insurance company or companies duly authorized to transact business in the State of Florida and acceptable to The Coliseum management. All such insurance shall specifically include contractual liability coverage for this Use and shall name The Coliseum and City of St. Petersburg, Florida, its agents and employees as additional insured parties. Evidence of such insurance coverage shall be delivered to The Coliseum not less than 30 business days prior to the event. The Coliseum reserves and retains the right to prohibit the performance of the event(s) until such insurance coverage is provided. All such insurance shall not be cancelled without written notice to The Coliseum at least 14-business days prior to the event.

A 7% State Sales Tax is applied to all rentals and specified services.

If you are a non-profit organization that exempts you from State sales tax, proof must be submitted The Coliseum Management 30 business days prior to the event.

Management of Premises

The operational control of the facilities shall, at all times, rest with The Coliseum Management staff. All final decisions relating to use of the facilities and personnel shall be made by The Coliseum Management.

Right of Notification

The Coliseum reserves the right to be notified of decorators, caterers, contractors and other service people or agencies employed by the User. The Coliseum, in confidence, shall inform the User of objections to certain outside services aforementioned for causes best known to The Coliseum Management.


The Coliseum reserves the right to request pre-show or intermission announcements briefly relating to future attractions. The Coliseum is also entitled to make such announcements as The Coliseum may deem necessary at any time in the interest of public safety. User agrees that it will cooperate and will cause its agents and performers to cooperate with the delivery of such announcements for public safety, including, but not limited to, announcements requiring patrons to return to their seats.
Interruption or Termination of Event

The Coliseum shall retain the right to cause the interruption of any event in the interest of public safety, and to likewise cause the termination of such events when, in the sole judgement of The Coliseum, such an act is deemed necessary in the interest of public safety.


The User will provide adequate security for exhibits. The Coliseum is not responsible for any loss or damage to exhibits or exhibit merchandise or equipment. The Coliseum reserves the right to determine security needs for any/all events. It is advisable for all promoters, particularly tradeshow promoters, to work out security needs The Coliseum staff in advance.

The Coliseum reserves the right to eject, or cause to be ejected from the premises, any objectionable person or persons. Neither The Coliseum, nor any of its officers, agents or employees, shall be liable to User for any damage(s) that may be sustained by User through the exercise by The Coliseum of such right.


The User agrees that for all programs lasting one (1) hour or more, excepting religious services or other engagements specifically excluded, an intermission of not less than 20 minutes be held, subject to modification by The Coliseum Management when necessary to meet unusual conditions.


The User will be held responsible for replacement and repair costs incurred by The Coliseum for damages to the facilities and its equipment resulting from occupancy or negligence of the User, its agents and employees.

Smoking Policy

The Coliseum is a smoke-free facility. As such, the No Smoking Policy of The Coliseum will be strictly enforced and smoking will be allowed only in designated areas.


Unless otherwise agreed upon by The Coliseum and the User, doors to The will be open thirty (30) minutes prior to the published starting time of the event.

Catering/Alcoholic Beverages

The Coliseum Management can provide a list of preferred and facility approved vendors to handle catering requirements. Due to the open catering policy, all caterers are subject to a service fee. All arrangements for the dispensing of alcoholic beverages must be made through The Coliseum.
Merchandise Sales

Should the User wish to sell souvenir programs, novelties or other event-related items, all such items must be approved by The Coliseum. User will be charged a fee equal to 35% of total sales after deduction of applicable taxes.

Free Samples

No free samples of food, beverage or any product may be given away or otherwise distributed without prior written approval of The Coliseum Management staff.

Broadcast Rights

The Coliseum reserves all radio and television rights, unless specified in writing.

Performance Copyright Protection

The User assumes all costs and expenses arising from the use of patented, trademarked, franchised, or copyrighted music, materials, devices, processes, dramatic rights or intellectual properties used or incorporated in the event(s). The User shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Coliseum, its agents and employees, from and against any claims or costs, including legal fees, in any way resulting from, or arising out of, directly or indirectly, the use of any such materials described above.

Trade Show/Consumer Show Regulations

  • The Coliseum does not receive or ship freight.
  • The Coliseum staff will empty trash and clean common public areas. Unless arranged in advance, The Coliseum's staff will not clean booths nor vacuum trade show floors.
  • The Coliseum will not be responsible for any articles missing, misplaced or damaged. The User is responsible for arranging Booth/Overnight Security through The Coliseum.
  • Electrical Services - The Coliseum can supply electrical service. Any other services will be at the prevailing rates (compressed air, VCR and monitor, etc.). "Extension type" power cords shall be three (3) wire, heavy duty and not exceeding 50' in length. Wire size must conform to electrical code of 16 gauge or greater. While multi-outlet adapters are not permitted, fused power strips or other approved devices may be used.
    Displays - Diagramming of displays and performance seating to provide aisles for exiting must be approved by the St. Petersburg Fire Department. Adjustments to exits may be made prior to the event: any variances will be at the sole discretion of the St. Petersburg Fire Marshal's Office. Displays, props, etc shall not block exit corridors. No displays or booths shall be permitted that are constructed of plastics or ply expanded materials having flame spreads of greater than 75 and smoke development greater than 450. All materials used in presentation, including table coverings, curtains, staging, floor coverings, construction products, etc., must be treated with a fire retardant. Documentation will be required.
  • Pyrotechnics: Any event employing pyrotechnics, open flames, or flammable liquids/gases shall provide, upon request by the St. Petersburg Fire Department, a demonstration in order to obtain approval and necessary permitting. Fire Marshals - All events are to be inspected for fire code compliance by the St. Petersburg Fire Department Fire Marshal's Office prior to opening to the public. Deputy Fire Marshals may be assigned to performances, as per previous agreements with building management when applicable, in order to assure continuity of compliance with Fire Prevention Codes. In the event a hazardous condition or situation is discovered it will be brought to the attention of the building management and show promoter for prompt resolution.


It is the show promoter's sole responsibility to assure that exhibitors are aware of these policies.

  • Electric, sound, telephone, or communication lines must be bridged, taped down or covered with rubber mats where they cross walkways.
  • Filled liquefied petroleum (LP) gas tanks will not be permitted on display vehicles, boats, etc. Any use of LP powered equipment on the premises requires prior approval.
  • Boats for display, with fuel aboard, will not be permitted within the facility.
  • No selling or distribution of food items is allowed without prior approval The Coliseum Management staff.
  • No cooking or food involving grease-laden vapors is permitted.
  • No food warming with fuels other than alcohol, which will be limited to one (1) pint per unit. Electricity is preferred.
  • Devices shall be isolated from the public by at least 4 feet or a barrier between the device and the public.
  • Devices are limited to 288-sq. in. of cooking surface area.
  • Devices shall be placed on noncombustible surfaces. Cooking devices shall be separated from each other by minimum distance of two (2) feet horizontally.
  • Equipment using combustible oils or solids shall have lids available for immediate use.
  • A 20 B:C UL rated fire extinguisher shall be provided for each device within the booth.

Technical Information

  • Main Floor: 15,500 sq. ft.
  • Balcony: Multi-level 1900 sq. ft.
  • Alcoves: 10 Alcoves: 14' x 15' each
  • Capacities
    1,800 - GA Floor
    1,100 - Banquet (8' banquet tables)
    600-800 - Banquet (60" round/dance floor option)
  • Stage Size/Type: Permanent 37' w x 20' d x 5' h
  • Floor: Red Oak
  • Floor Load: 50 lbs. / sq. ft.
  • Show Power: 100 AMP 3 PHASE (stage right) 200 AMP 3 PHASE (stage left)
  • Utilities: Electrical power
  • Service Doors: (2) 9' h x 8' w
  • Ceiling Height: 15' to 34' in the center arch
  • Lighting: 34 Pars; mirror ball
  • Sound: JBL speakers SL & SR; Mini TOA line array

Special Features

  • Unique 1920's architecture
  • 15,500 sq. ft. of exhibit space
  • 2 loading docks
  • 3 dressing rooms backstage
  • Computerized box office and group sales
  • Open catering
  • 800 parking spaces within walking distance
  • Located in downtown historic district, just off I-375
  • Local landmark
  • Banquet tables 8'-115, 6'-80, 4'-40
  • 1,500 Banquet chairs

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