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Billing & Collections

The Billing and Collections department oversees the billing and collection activities for the following divisions: Business Tax, Central Cashier, City Collections, Police False Alarms, Special Assessments and Utility Account Services (water, wastewater, reclaimed water, sanitation and storm water management)

  • Utility Billing - Access our on-line site or to obtain additional information..
  • Business Tax License - The city of St Petersburg collects an business tax for all businesses located in the city limits. 
  • Parking Enforcement and Ticket Collections - The city of St Petersburg has parking regulations in the downtown area that are actively enforced. 
  • Central Cashier - is the central location for collecting revenues for the city. 
  • Public Vehicle Certificate - All public vehicles used for the transportation for hire of passengers where new fares begin within St. Petersburg city limits.
  • Police False Alarms - If you have an alarm system for your home or your business it must be registered.
  • Special Collections Office - This office is the central collection agency for the city of St. Petersburg. This division is responsible for assisting in the coordination and collection of accounts receivables on a city-wide basis which include city invoices, returned checks, and most past due accounts.
  • Special Assessments - The city of St. Petersburg uses assessments and liens as a means for collecting for improvements and services provided.

Mission Statement: To provide every customer with a consistent, accurate response to every need in a prompt and timely manner, at all times serving with courtesy, honesty, and fairness.

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