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Parking Amnesty Program

About the Program

The amnesty program is a gesture of goodwill intended to help motorists who may not be familiar with downtown parking regulations and make a mistake by allowing their meter to expire.  The program is also intended to help downtown businesses by making sure that those who have their citations voided are customers of local businesses ($25 minimum purchase required, can be multiple receipts).  This also ensures that the program does not apply to downtown employees who commute to work and should park in less convenient off-street parking rather than the most convenient on-street parking spaces that should be used by customers. 


parking key citationBecause the program is intended for downtown patrons supporting local retail businesses, there are certain types of receipts that qualify and those that do not qualify for the program. Again, the program is intended to help motorists and downtown businesses.

To be eligible, the ticket must be the first ticket for the person and vehicle in the city of St. Petersburg.
Acceptable business receipt examples:
  • Any restaurant receipt or gift certificate purchase for a downtown restaurant
  • Museums
  • Hotels
  • Movie Receipt
  • Rental Entertainment (i.e. Segway, bicycle or boat rental)

Unaccepted receipt examples:

  • Visa/American Express Gift Cards (these are cash equivalents and could be spent later outside downtown).
  • Concert or other event tickets (event parking is offered in garages and lots)
  • Doctor's Visits  (call the number on the citation if the parking was emergency room related)
  • Bank Deposits/Business
  • Government office visits
  • Attorney or other consultant visits

How to Redeem 

Along with your citation, you will have received a golden colored "Expired Meter Amnesty Program" information card (pictured above). This information card will have further details and instructions on how to waive a qualifying citation. 

Present the following information in person to the Parking Citation Office within 14 days of the citation. Mailed requests will not be honored.

  • Original parking citation
  • Golden "Expired Meter Amnesty Program" information card that was received with your citation
  • A photo ID
  • Acceptable business receipt(s)
Parking Citation Payment Office
301 Central Avenue - 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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