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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions that are frequently asked of our Call Center representatives regarding contact information, utility services, deposits, etc. For your convenience, click on the heading below that most closely corresponds to your category of question and the related questions will appear. For example, if you want to know what to do about an unusually high bill, click on water Usage/Consumption.

Contact Information

Where are your offices located?
Below are the addresses of various locations to pay your utility bill. Please note some locations DO NOT accept cash or late payments.

Main Office
325 Central Avenue
Monday - Friday
8 am - 5 pm

Satellite Office
Enoch Davis Center
1111 18th Avenue South
Monday - Friday
8 am - 5 pm

Drop Box Locations (Only accept checks or money orders. No cash or late payments) -

  • MSC Building - 325 Central Avenue AND 1 Fourth Street North (outside the building)

What are your hours of operation?
Please see the above listed Contact Information for the Main and Satellite office hours of operation

What address should I mail a letter or payment to?
Mail payments to: City of St. Petersburg, Billing & Collections, PO Box 33034, St. Petersburg, FL 33733-8034.

Mail letters to: City of St. Petersburg, Billing & Collections, PO Box 33037, St. Petersburg, FL 33733 - 8037.

What number do I call to speak with a Customer Service Representative?
Dial (727) 893-7341 to speak with our representatives in the Customer Call Center.

Utility Services

How do I apply for utility service? Terminate my utility account?
Contact our Customer Call Center at (727) 893-7341 or visit our main office at 325 Central Avenue in downtown St. Petersburg.

What utilities are provided by the City of St. Petersburg?
Potable water, sanitary sewer, garbage container and pick-up, storm water (run off from water drainage systems), recycling programs and reclaimed water.

Where does the water come from?
The City of St. Petersburg purchases water from our regional water supplier Tampa Bay Water.

What is my garbage collection schedule?
For information on residential collections, call (727) 893-7334. For commercial collections, call (727) 893-7351.

What should I do about my utility service when I go on vacation?
Seasonal customers may place their accounts on standby status or terminate service entirely. For further information on standby service, please contact our Customer Call Center at (727) 893-7341.


How much is the utility deposit?
The deposit for a single-family residence is generally $168.34, but that amount varies depending on the size of the meter at the location as well as other considerations. Please call our Customer Call Center at (727) 893-7341 for the exact deposit amount for the location in question.

Why do I have to update my deposit if my water is locked off for non-payment?
If you have less than the current deposit required for your service level when your account if turned off for non-payment, the deposit must be brought up to the current requirements.

When will my deposit be refunded?
Your deposit on a single-family residence is automatically credited to your account after 24 months with a good payment history. A good payment history means during the previous 12 months you have not made more than two payments received after the due date; paid with a check refused by the bank; been turned off for non-payment; tampered with the water meter or used the Citys utility services in a fraudulent or unauthorized manner.
Multi-family and Commercial deposits are held for the life of the account.

What is the interest earned on my deposit?
The interest rate paid on utility accounts is the same as the rate it earns. The current interest earned for a deposit is 0.25%. Bear in mind this rate is subject to the same fluctuations as the national economy.

Do I get the interest when my deposit is refunded?
Any deposit interest earned during the previous fiscal year is paid annually to all applicable utility customers during the month of October.

Utility Bill

When will I receive my utility bill?
Utility bills are issued once a month. The exact date your bill will be issued is determined by your meter reading date. Meters are read in specific geographical blocks. For more specific information on the approximate date that your monthly bill will be mailed, please contact the Customer Call Center at (727) 893-7341.

When is my utility bill due?
Your due date will be approximately twelve days after the monthly bill is mailed.

Can I change the due date for my utility bill?
We offer a special program that allows for a permanent extension of your due date if you receive one monthly income such as social security, disability, etc. For details, please call the Customer Call Center at (727) 893-7341.

Can I use a credit or debit card to pay my utility bill?
Yes. You may call our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system at (727) 893-7341 to make a current utility payment over the phone. If you prefer, you may log into our Online Utility Account Information system at to view your account information as well as make a payment online or E-Check.

Water Usage/Consumption

Will the City notify me if they notice high water usage?
Your utility statement is an accurate indication of your monthly water consumption.

It should be reviewed each month for any unexpected increases in water use on private property. We do monitor unusual water consumption and in cases of extreme consumption, as a courtesy we attempt to contact you of a possible leak.

Why is my bill so high this month?
When you receive a higher than normal utility bill its most often because of increased consumption. There could be any number of reasons for additional water use. If you had more than the usual number of people in your home during the previous billing period; filled a swimming pool; experienced a leak; underwent a remodeling project; or, were absent from home and a leak developed/toilet ran while you were away, are just a few of the possible causes of high consumption. Please research the possible reasons for involuntary consumption and make repairs immediately, if applicable.

Miscellaneous Charges

What is the charge for being turned on after your business hours?
When you call the Water Resources department to have your utility service restored after normal business hours, there is a charge of $35.00 added to your next utility statement.

What is the charge for being locked off for non-payment? Turned on after lock-off?
There is a $15 charge when your water service is turned off after being locked off for non-payment. Another $15.00 charge is accessed to have your service turned back on after being locked off for non-payment.

What is the TBW (Tampa Bay Water) charge?
Tampa Bay Water is a government agency that provides wholesale water to Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties and New Port Richey, St. Petersburg, and Tampa. The Tampa Bay Water cost line item you see on your utility statement reflects the cost of purchasing water from Tampa Bay Water.

Convenience Fees for Credit Card and Debit Card Payments

The City of St. Petersburg is committed to providing convenient access to information and services. To facilitate online and telephone financial transactions, the city has established a $2.00 convenience fee for utility bill payments using credit cards and debit cards.

What is a convenience fee?
A convenience fee is a charge in addition to the original transaction amount for the convenience of using an alternative payment method, i.e., online and telephone payments using credit and debit cards.

Why is a convenience fee being charged to customers who pay using these payments methods?
The convenience fee is being assessed only to the customers using these payment methods to help cover the following:  the cost of the online and telephone software infrastructure as well as the costs our merchant banking service provider charges us to allow customers to pay for services using a credit/debit card.  

How much is the convenience fee?
The convenience fee is $2.00 per payment transaction.

To what payment methods will the convenience fee apply?
The convenience fee will be assessed for payments made online, over the telephone via the Interactive Voice Response system or over the telephone with the help of a Customer Service Representative using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

To what payment methods will the convenience fee NOT apply?
The convenience fee does not apply to payments made via U.S. Mail, 3rd party bill payer, direct debit/ auto payments or in-person or E-Check.

When did the convenience fee start being charged?
The new convenience fee was effective as of November 1, 2012.

Why is a convenience fee now being charged when the fee was not charged in the past?
The City of St. Petersburg can no longer absorb the increasing merchant banking services fees. The annual expense to the City of St. Petersburg of absorbing the cost of credit cards transactions was approximately $500,000 for Fiscal Year 2012. Additionally, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) require that organizations meet specific data protection levels depending on the number of monthly transactions. The expense to protect customers’ financial information while submitting these payments is costly and technologically challenging. While only 22% of the customers currently use this service, before the new fee all customers were bearing its costs, creating a fairness issue.

The City of St. Petersburg’s online and telephone services are just two methods of conducting business with us. You may continue to use traditional methods such as the U.S. Mail, Automatic Draft or visiting our City offices in person. The choice is yours. We will continually strive to offer you the most courteous, convenient and cost- effective service possible. Obviously, as technology and the marketplace change, this office will also change. If you have any questions, please contact us at 727-893-7341. 

Can I change the name on my utility bill after marriage, divorce, or legal name change?

A valid marriage license or other court document must be supplied for name changes.  You may fax your request, with the required documentation to:  727-893-7993.  Please include your account number, current name on the account, requested name change, copy of your picture ID, and your contact number.  You may also e-mail your request along with the required documentation to:

Delinquent Bills

Can I get additional time to pay my utility bill?
Yes, in many instances you may contact our Customer Call Center at (727) 893-7341 to request a payment agreement.

When will I accrue a late charge?
A late charge of $5.00 can be applied to any account with a balance over $15.00 not paid by the due date.

When will I get a second late notice?
Failure to pay your bill by the date indicated on your late notice will result in a second late notice being mailed to the service address and the accompanying fee of $8.00.


Is the City responsible for fixing leaks?
The Citys responsibility ends at the customers side of the water meter. The City maintains the water meter and meter box, and any repairs to this equipment will be performed by the City. The customer is responsible for the area from the meter to the house, and all plumbing inside the house. However, it is the customers responsibility to keep the meter box accessible for meter reading. If you discover you have a leak on private property, you may qualify for an adjustment on your utility bill.

What should I do if I see a fire hydrant or a City water sprinkler spraying water erratically?
Contact the Water Resources department at (727) 893-7261 to report the location of the hydrant or water sprinkler in need of attention.

What should I do if I experience a sewage back up?
Call our Water Resources department at (727) 893-7261 for assistance. If they determine the back-up originated in a City sewer line, they will make the appropriate repairs. If they find the problem started on private property, you will need to contact a plumber to complete the repairs.


What are leak adjustments? How do I get one?

 Leak adjustments are credits to your utility bill given to qualifying customers who have experienced an involuntary water loss or leak. You may apply for a leak adjustment by forwarding a copy of the plumbers repair bill to: Customer Service, P.O. Box 33037, St. Petersburg, FL 33733 – 8037.  You may also e-mail the information to  Either document must include the type of leak experienced and the date of repair. Adjustments are limited to two per calendar year.

Do I have to pay my bill while waiting for the results of a leak adjustment?
Yes. In certain instances, you may be required to wait until your next scheduled meter reading in order to gauge the amount of adjustment you are entitled to. In the meantime, you should at least pay your average monthly bill amount. If you need assistance in figuring out your average bill amount, please contact the Customer Call Center at (727) 893-7341.

How do I get a pool filling adjustment?
Pool filling adjustments are granted to customers who have either purchased or built a new pool, or had an existing pool repaired. To apply for a pool adjustment, the utility account holder must forward a copy of the letter of certification from the pool contracting company or, if appropriate, supply a receipt documenting repairs, to: Customer Service, P.O. Box 33037, St. Petersburg, FL 33733 – 8037.  You may also e-mail the information to:  Adjustments for pool filling are limited to one per calendar year.

Water Conservation

What are the current watering restrictions?
For current watering restriction guidelines, go to 

What days should I irrigate my lawn?
For the days to water your lawn, go to 

How can I save on my utility costs?
For water conservation tips, go to 

Special Programs

How do I apply for a toilet rebate?

For information on the toilet rebate and other water conservation programs offered by the City of St. Petersburg, please email or call (727) 893-7676.

Are there any special payment programs for the elderly?
Most elderly customers fit the criteria for our program specifically for citizens that receive one monthly income. For more information on the guidelines of this program and how to apply, contact our Customer Call Center at (727) 893-7341.

Can I make a contribution to others who are experiencing difficulty paying their bill?
We have a Utility Assistance Program that allows you to make monthly contributions that are distributed through a network of social service agencies. These funds are used to assist other citizens experiencing financial hardships with their utility costs. Call (727) 893-7341 for more information.

Returned or Rejected Payments

I have been advised by my bank/credit card company that a recent utility payment was returned/rejected. How do I resolve this issue?

Returned or rejected credit and debit card payments are handled in the same manner as a returned check. A payment can be made upon notification from your bank or credit card issuer. A letter will also be issued from the Billing & Collections Department advising the customer to bring the letter into our office at 325 Central Avenue to pay the original payment amount plus the applicable service charge within 7 days from the date on the letter. Service charges are as follows:

Transaction AmountService Charge
$ 0.01 to 50.00 $25.00
$ 50.01 to 300.00 $30.00
$ 300.01 to 800.00 $40.00
Over $800.00 5% of check amount

If unable to come to the office, send a copy of the letter received along with cashiers check, certified check, or money order for the original payment amount plus the applicable service charge to:

City of St. Petersburg
Billing & Collections
P.O. Box 33034
St. Petersburg, FL 33733 - 8034

You may call our Customer Call Center at (727) 893-7341 for the exact amount owed or additional information regarding the returned check or rejected card payment.

IMPORTANT!!! Please be advised that service to the utility account may be disrupted without further notice if full payment is not received by the date on the letter.

Utility Billing Review Committee

The Utility Billing Review Committee (UBRC) is a committee consisting of City employees with the expertise to make recommendations to the Mayor on unresolved utility billing disputes.  Most disputes can be handled by our Customer Service Staff.  However, if they are unable to resolve your issue, you may contact the UBRC.

Contacting the UBRC

Only the account holder of record may petition the UBRC.  The first step in appearing before the UBRC is to write a letter requesting an appearance before the UBRC to dispute the month or months your are contesting.  Your statement to petition the UBRC can be e-mailed to:  You may also mail your request to Utility Accounts Division Attention: UBRC P.O. Box 2842, St. Petersburg, FL 33731.

Visit our UBRC page for more information and answers to frequently asked questions. 

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