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Reading Your Meter

All customers within the City of St. Petersburg have their water use measured by a meter. Charges for the amount of water consumed are based on the consumption registered during a billing period. Meter readings may be estimated due to overgrown vegetation, unrestrained animals, locked gates, standing water, or other hazards.

All City of St. Petersburg meters measure water in hundred of gallons. To read your meter, disregard the red hand, the zero printed on the face (far right), and the first movable register on the right side of the meter. Read all other registers as they appear. This gives you your reading as it would appear on your bill. To obtain your consumption, you must subtract the prior month's reading from the current reading, and add two zeros to the remainder.

By City Ordinance, you are responsible for providing access for reading and maintenance of utility meters. If access to your meter changes, please call (727) 893-7341 to advise.

How to read your water meter

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