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Water Rates

The City of St. Petersburg purchases softened water from the regional supplier, Tampa Bay Water, which operates the Tampa Bay Regional Surface Water Treatment plant. This plant currently produces a blend of surface water and groundwater with desalinated water scheduled to be added to the mix in early 2004. This variety of water sources ensures us a drought-resistant drinking water supply which complies with or exceeds all local, state, and federal drinking water standards.

Upon leaving Tampa Bay Waters facility, the water is further treated at the Cosme Water Treatment facility which has been honored several times as the Best Operated Water Treatment Plant in Florida. And as a customer of the City of St. Petersburg's Municipal Water System, you enjoy high-quality water that has been rated the best tasting municipal water in Florida. For questions or concerns about water quality, call 727-893-7261.

If you recently moved to the St. Petersburg area you may not be accustomed to the taste of our water. This is because water sources are different throughout the state and nation. Some communities use groundwater; other communities rely upon river or lake water for their water supplies. You may have lived where you were served by a private well. Often, private wells receive little or no treatment. However, to assure that a water supply is safe from harmful organisms, state and federal agencies require that all municipal water supplies provide disinfection treatment.

In May 2002, the City of St. Petersburg, like many communities throughout the United States, began chloramination of its water supply in order to disinfect and eliminate any harmful organisms that may be present in the water. In addition, the City of St. Petersburg began fluoridation of its water supply in 1993. Fluoride has been shown to help prevent tooth decay, especially in children. It is important to inform your dentist that fluoride is added to your water so that any fluoride treatments can be adjusted appropriately.

You may be contacted by individuals representing private water firms requesting permission to test your water. They may attempt to sell you a home water treatment system. These companies are not affiliated with nor endorsed by the City of St. Petersburg. Although you may wish to install one of these home treatment systems, please be aware that your water supply meets all public health standards without additional treatment.

The City of St. Petersburg's Water Resources department is committed to providing quality water for your needs and enjoyment. If you have any questions about the quality of your water, contact our 24-hour Dispatch office at 727-893-7261. 

Water Rates: The city of St. Petersburg annually reviews utility rates for water, wastewater, reclaimed and stormwater service. 


Effective October 1, 2018
Per Month 
Base Charge as follows: 

Meter SizeBase Charge
5/8" x 3/4" $ 12.48
1" $ 31.20
1.5" $ 62.41
2" $ 99.85
3" $ 199.70
4" $ 312.03
6" $ 624.06
8" $ 998.49
10" $ 1,435.33
12" $ 2,683.44

TBW=Tampa Bay Water Cost at $2.33 per 1,000 gallons.

TBW charge is applied to total water volume.

Tampa Bay Water, our wholesale water supplier, has been working to develop new water sources to include groundwater, surface water, and desalinated water. This is necessary to reduce the region's dependency on groundwater and to meet the water demands of a growing population particularly during periods of drought such was experienced the past three years.


Single family dwelling:Per 1,000 gallons
First 5,600 gallons $2.18
Next 2,400 gallons $3.33
Next 7,000 gallons $5.37
Next 5,000 gallons


Over 20,000 gallons $18.02
Multi- family dwelling:Per 1,000 gallons
First 5,600 gallons $2.18
Next 2,400 gallons $3.33
Next 7,000 gallons $5.37
Over 15,000 gallons $7.84

* Volume for Multi-Family is divided by number 
of dwelling units served by the water meter.

Commercial *Per 1,000 gallons
Up to average $2.18
Average - 1.4 x average $3.83
1.4 to 1.8 x average $5.37
Over 1.8 x average $6.74

*The 12-month period will be the previous October through September. For new commercial customers without previous consumption history, the lowest block rate will be utilized until a 12-month period between October and September is completed. A commercial customer experiencing changed business conditions which would necessitate a revised calculation of the monthly average may request a water audit by the City. The City may calculate a new average based on that audit.

All of the above rates are subject to 10% utility tax within the City limits. Rates outside the City limits are 125% of City rates except as approved by City Council.

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