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Affordable Housing Advisory Committee

The Affordable Housing Advisory Committee is a Committee of eleven private citizens who review affordable housing incentives that may be available to the City in the form of (the reduction of parking and set back requirements, expedited permitting, the modification of street requirements, etc.) to encourage the development of affordable housingpreservation or production.

Function of Committee

Staff implements projects/programs identified in the Local Housing Assistance Plan that accompanies the Local Housing Incentive Plan under Florida Statutes 420.907-9079 and Rule 67-37.

Meeting Dates & Agendas

The Committee is reappointed and meets once every three years (triannually), with a maximum of up to 7 meetings, to review affordable housing incentives. Meetings are held during January through April of the year in which the Local Housing Incentive Plan has to be prepared and submitted to the Florida Housing Finance Corporation.

Committee Members

  • Scott Macdonald
  • Ken Rush
  • Trevor Mallory
  • Lindsay Boswell
  • Lisa L. Brody
  • John Schaeffer
  • Page K. Douangboupha
  • Jack Humburg
  • Jeffrey Rogo
  • Shannon Love
  • Caprice Johnson

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