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Code Enforcement Board

The Code Enforcement Board conducts hearings related to the enforcement of any codes or ordinances of the City. The Board consists of seven members and appointments to the Board are approved by City Council. Each month, the Board hears cases on the agenda. At the conclusion of each case hearing, the Board issues findings of fact and conclusions of law. If the Board finds that a violation exists, the Board will issue an order setting out a compliance date and provisions for daily fines if the violation continues. If liens are certified against real and personal property, the Board may hear lien release requests once a property owners has full code compliance on all properties owned.

Function of Committee

  • Take testimony under Oath
  • Hears code violation cases and issues findings
  • Hear Lien Release requests
  • Adopts rules for the conduct of Code Enforcement Board Hearings

Meeting Dates & Agendas

The Code Enforcement Board meets once per month starting at 8:30 a.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall. City Hall is located at 175 5th St. N. in downtown St. Petersburg. Meetings are typically scheduled on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Code Enforcement Board agendas are available on the Agendas page of the St. Petersburg city website.

Code Enforcement Board Members

  • Jo Anne Malone - Term: 02/01/18 – 12/31/20 - First Term
  • Gregory R. Holzwart - Term: 12/13/18 – 12/31/20 - Second Term
  • Roland W. Ribblet - Term: 12/13/18 – 12/31/20 - Second Term
  • Jarrett Sanchez – Term: 02/01/18 – 12/31/20 – Partial Term
  • John Oxley – Alternate – Term: 12/13/18 – 12/31/20 - Partial Term
  • Cathryn Wilson – Term: 08/15/19 – 12/31/20 - Partial Term
  • Nicholas Fox – Term: 01/23/20 – 12/31/22 – First Term

Special Magistrate

  • Norman A. Schultz - Term: 04/16/20 – 03/31/23 – First Term
  • Darryl C. Wilson - Term: 01/23/20 – 01/31/23 - First Term

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