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Codes Special Magistrate

A Civil Citation may be appealed to a Special Magistrate. Appeals are filed with the City Clerk’s office and forwarded to the Codes Compliance Assistance department for processing. Appeal hearings are generally conducted on the fourth Tuesday of each month (due to Holidays in November and December, appeal hearings may be scheduled earlier in those months). At an appeal hearing, testimony and evidence are provided and the Special Magistrate shall determine if the alleged violation existed on the property at the time the violation was noted by the Codes Investigator. If the appeal is denied by the Special Magistrate, a $50 administrative fee is added to the original fine amount of the Civil Citation which was appealed.

The City Council may appoint one or more Special Magistrates who shall have the authority to hold civil citation appeal hearings, assess fines against violators of the City Code and otherwise exercise the powers of a municipal Code Enforcement Board as provided in F.S. ch. 162, pt. I.  A Special Magistrates shall consist of one or more attorneys licensed to practice law in the State of Florida recommended by the City Attorney's Office and confirmed by City Council

Minutes and records of hearings before a Special Magistrate are kept and maintained by the City in the manner and to the extent required by law. The City provides necessary and reasonable clerical and administrative support to enable a Special Magistrate to perform his or her duties.

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