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Community Housing Policy Group

The City of St. Petersburg has established the Community Housing Policy Group to be an informal entity with persons who are experts in various fields of affordable housing. Staff might ask that they convene a meeting to offer advice and provide input on significant affordable housing initiatives that need to be researched and discussed in detail, prior to the initiative being brought forward to be reviewed and discussed by the Housing, Land Use and Transportation Committee.

Meeting Dates

The Group meets every other month, or as needed, as affordable housing initiatives, strategies or programs are in process of being formulated.  Meetings are held at various times, as selected by members, on week days during the afternoon and running through 5:00 p.m.

Committee Members

  • Scott Macdonald
  • Ken Rush
  • Lindsay Boswell
  • Judith Turner
  • Trevor Mallory
  • Jillian Bandes
  • Bob DePugh
  • Jack Humburg
  • Frederic Samson

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