Office of Supplier Diversity

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Office of Supplier Diversity

The Office of Supplier Diversity was created to promote fair and equal business opportunities through the intentional implementation of diversity programs to ensure equity in contracts and procurement for all members of our community who want to do business with the City of St. Petersburg. The Office of Supplier Diversity was created in response to the Disparity Study, which was conducted in 2021. 

Disparity Study Documents

Upcoming Event: Supplier Diversity Day

The City of St. Petersburg is hosting its first annual Supplier Diversity Day, dedicated to connecting small, minority, and women-owned businesses with resources and contracting opportunities in the St. Petersburg Region. At this no-cost event, business owners will get the opportunity to "meet the buyers" from City Departments, learn about bid processes, and begin certification of the SBE and M/WBE program onsite. Attendees are encouraged to register.

Supplier Diversity Day
Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2023, from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
The Coliseum
535 4th Ave. N.

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Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program

The City of St. Petersburg’s Small Business Enterprise (SBE) program, coordinated by the Office of Supplier Diversity, fosters growth in the economy and provides opportunities for participation in City construction projects and the procurement of goods and services.

The SBE program gives smaller businesses a chance to gain exposure to large-scale projects and experience working alongside big firms. The 3-year certification is free with required training, covers a 5-county area, and is race and gender-neutral.

Certified SBE Search

Are you in need of an SBE-certified company to furnish goods or for construction-related purposes? Search by business name, specialization, location, and contact information.

SBE Search Form

Small Business Enterprise (SBE) vendors are only certified as meeting the established criteria of the existing SBE program and not certified as qualified in any other area. The City is not responsible for and disclaims any representation made by any SBE vendor. You must do the appropriate due diligence before selecting an SBE vendor.


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