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Shore Acres Tidal Resiliency Project Assessment


This study is a focused assessment project specific to the low lying neighborhood of Shore Acres which addresses the current and future issues of tidal flooding and inundation. The goal of the study is to ultimately provide the City and the Shore Acres community with a list of potential improvement projects which address both current and future conditions.

The information provided by the study will assist the City in incorporating resilient, sustainable designs and best management practices from the stormwater quantity and quality. The assessment of potential projects is based upon current and future topographic and hydrologic conditions, community input, environmental impact, and is guided by a triple bottom line (financial, environmental, and social) cost analysis.

This assessment project may be mimicked as a standard going forward across the City, in an effort to maintain awareness of potential improvements needed in various aspects of City maintenance.

Public Meeting(s)

  • April 2019

About/Project Background

This project focuses on the Shore Acres community as it is a historically low-lying neighborhood which is particularly vulnerable to rising sea levels and high tide events.

Construction Timeline

This project will provide recommendations for implementation.

Key Project Information

Provide insight on best practices to adapt for resiliency.

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