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Finance Documents

The Finance department of the city of St. Petersburg is committed to government transparency. The following documents are offered in an effort to continue our commitment to "Government in the Sunshine."

Quarterly Reports

Date Report Quarter
2019-03-31 FY2019 Q2 Financial Report FY2019 Q2
2019-02-20 FY2019 Q1 Financial Report FY2019 Q1
2019-01-16 FY2018 Q4 Financial Report FY2018 Q4
2019-01-16 FY2018 Q3 Financial Report FY2018 Q3
2019-01-16 FY2018 Q2 Financial Report FY2018 Q2
2019-01-16 FY2018 Q1 Financial Report FY2018 Q1


Yearly Reports

Date Document
2018-09-30 Debt Supplement Report FY2018
2018-09-30 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY2018
2018-09-30 Popular Annual Financial Report FY2018
2017-09-30 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY2017
2017-09-30 Debt Supplement Report FY2017
2017-09-30 Popular Annual Financial Report FY2017
2017-03-15 Popular Annual Financial Report FY2016
2016-09-30 Comprehensive Annual Financial ReportCAFR FY2016
2016-09-30 Debt Supplement ReportDebt Supplement FY2016
2015-09-30 Comprehensive Annual Financial ReportCAFR FY2015
2015-09-30 Debt Supplement Report FY2015
2015-09-30 Popular Annual Financial ReportPAFR FY2015
2014-09-30 Popular Annual Financial Report FY2014
2014-09-30 Debt Supplement Report FY2014
2014-09-30 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY2014
2013-09-30 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY2013
2013-09-30 Debt Supplement Report FY2013
2012-09-30 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY2012
2012-09-30 Debt Supplement Report FY2012
2011-09-30 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY2011
2011-09-30 Debt Supplement Report FY2011
2010-09-30 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY2010
2010-09-30 Debt Supplement Report FY2010
2009-09-30 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY2009
2009-09-30 Debt Supplement Report FY2009
2008-09-30 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY2008
2008-09-30 Debt Supplement Report FY2008
2007-09-30 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY2007
2007-09-30 Debt Supplement Report FY2007
2006-09-30 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY2006
2006-09-30 Debt Supplement Report FY2006
2005-09-30 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY2005
2005-09-30 Debt Supplement Report FY2005
2004-09-30 Statement of Activities - Annual Financial Report FY2004
2004-09-30 Statement of Net Assets - Annual Financial Report FY2004
2004-09-30 Debt Supplement Report FY2004
2003-09-30 Statement of Activities - Annual Financial Report FY2003
2003-09-30 Statement of Net Assets - Annual Financial Report FY2003
2003-09-30 Management's Discussion and Analysis - Annual Financial Report FY2003
2003-09-30 Debt Supplement Report FY2003

Please note that quarterly information is unaudited, and there can be differences in the funds used for budgeting as compared to those used for financial reporting due to governmental accounting requirements. All reports for official statements and ongoing debt compliance are released through the electronic municipal system provided by the Municipal Securities Review Board (EMMA) and these reports are not intended to replace or supplant those filings.

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